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    Default Does my MBTI type make me who I am? I?FP

    Well, I think rather, who I am determines my MBTI type. Have done a few quizzes and got fairly substantial %'s for IxFP, the first test I took though said 1% sensing, then 2nd test said 12% intuitive. Looking at the characteristics, sometimes I feel like I have a lot of them, and sometimes I am not sure what they mean.

    Sensing Characteristics-

    Concrete -
    Realistic - Yes, I know some things are possible and some things aren't.
    Lives in the present - The majority of the time, but I also think about the past, and the future.
    Aware of surroundings - Not unless I am looking, sometimes takes me a long time to notice something that has been there for a while, and I am pretty clumsy.
    Notices details -
    Practical -
    Goes by senses -
    Factual -

    Intuitive Characteristics

    Future Focused -
    Sees possibilities -
    Inventive -
    Imaginative -
    Deep -
    Abstract -
    Idealistic -
    Complicated -
    Theoretical -

    Omg this is difficult. Why can't I be ideal but practical? Notice the details, but be abstract. Think about the future, but live in the present. Be realistic but imaginative. Can a practical thing not be ideal? Intuition is a sense is it not?!

    I am for sure artistic, I love music, singing, I am musical. I paint in an abstract way, colours and patterns, but I can draw what is in front of me too. I am good at science and maths, not as interested in history, geography or business.

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    People are not two dimensional enough to be restricted by type alone, no one fits so neatly into boxes that way, your type is not who you are.

    By the way, ISFP's are often called the most idealistic sensor, Fi is very idealistic within itself. I suggest you look into the functions of ISFP and INFP if you are confused.

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