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Some kind of emotionally unstable ENTP, imho.

However, what I wish to know is: why are you attracted to her? Given that you have posted a fairly negative list.
I cannot see her as an extrovert though, she's constantly living inside her head and can have long periods of just isolating herself from the society, she feels very uncomfortable in big crowds and becomes irritable if she's in company for too long. INTP? A possibility.

Ah, don't get me wrong, it might seem like I'm bashing her here but I really do love her. She's random, super funny in her own bizarre way, she's smart and super interesting in her own complexity, she's super creative and I'm very jealous of her ability to experience everything so deeply. And at the core, she is a good person, for the majority of time she's pleasant and considerate. It's just her behavior in conflict situations I don't understand and have a hard time coping with.