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    Default Questions about the MBTI, help me, please!

    Hi, while i took the test some years ago, I'm new at the mbti typing, cognitive functions, etc. So, please bear with me.
    I've read that the cognitive functions are a way to classify how we think, but isn't a bit... black and white? expecially in online tests which have many times only 2 options or at most a 5 point scale from "very accurate" to "very innacurate".
    I mean, most people use different approaches to different situations. ex. someone can take a "J" approach to a work project has a deadline, finish it as soon as possible to get ride of it, but take days to decide something that would not affect you badly if delayed.
    Also, why only 16 types? are tertiary functions that unimportant?

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    I think this should go to this forum:

    Not bad, these thoughts.

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    and my guess is that you're a super p like me. like you're taking the tests and find yourself thinking...well....sometimes...but sometimes it's this or that and what if the person asking actually means this etc etc...'s really hard to pick any answer because everything depends. everything is grey. the over analyzing of it all.

    which ive decided the test maker is aware of so that's part of the reason we will type enxp
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