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    Default Extroverted Introvert or Introverted Extrovert

    Depending on my mood and current lifestyle, I often fall in both Extrovert and Introvert, but not by much - and as either ENTP or INTP.

    Both seem to fit me pretty well. I can spend hours/days by myself working on something, but I probably feel the best when I am part of a group working on a project. Being social is something I don't seek out very much, but I almost always feel great afterwards and energized. What does deplete me of energy is repetitive social interaction with people who play games or are not very smart. Having the same small talk conversation over the water cooler with some co-worker day in and day out. That is almost torture to me. However, around interesting people I am likely the one to try to keep things going and make people not go home.

    Are there any others who fall between the E/I line and does the above seem familiar? Do you think it is best to work more on your extrovert side generally?

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    You can try reading the sections B and C (under "The General Attitude of Consciousness" and "The Unconscious Attitude"), as well as the sections on introverted thinking and extroverted intuition to see which attitude you relate to more.

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