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Thread: Type Rajah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    Are we talking a supersize or do I have to have the MacGuffin Happy Meal again?
    How did you know that I call-

    ...wait a minute...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rajah View Post
    My thoughts are that it depends on what you're using them for. I am interested in getting other people's input. I've traditionally typed as INTP, but the ENTP profile fits me pretty well. In any event, I'm genuinely interested in finding out how people perceive me. I'm not sure if that's a negative motivation or not - I tend to think of my interest as neutral. *shrug*

    If nothing else, I enjoy exploring the value of self-typing versus being typed by others. It highlights some pretty significant weaknesses in the MBTI, at least from my perspective.
    I dont know Rajah except for her comments in here, but since I can relate to certain elements in this topic and the discussion, hence my input.

    For an INTP to want observers' PsOV is something I can relate to, but the level of external input goes up when its in an open public forum and seems to go slightly beyond the level of 'extravertedness' that an INTP would naturally be comfortable with. Yet a well rounded INTP should be able to indulge in such an exercise, which might indicate that Rajah has invested well in personal growth and is benefiting from it

    2cents... merely a distant observer's insight at best
    The answer must be in the attempt
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    Your interaction style is a lot like this other ENTP from INTPc, can't think of her name right now...
    However, you're pretty introverted, from what I can tell. If I ignore the interaction style, I would guess that your primary function is introverted.

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