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    Question What personality type is my sister?

    I've always been curious about my older half-sister's personality typing, since occasionally, she somewhat feels like my polar opposite in several ways. I've come across several conclusions and determined that she might be some sort of sensing type, but am still not sure.

    The following are the characteristics I've observed in her though:

    -Very headstrong and impatient in following established rules or orders she disagrees with; she seems to have her own values regarding many things and often reacts critically once a person threatens these views. While I'm somewhat more passive and willing to act agreeably with people in order to avert conflict, my sister is much more assertive and impassioned in stating her views, and will gladly tell off a person without shame if she feels that they have wronged her in some way or done something she considers amoral.

    - Is not very interested in intellectual discussions or hypothesis' at all, although she strangely enough believes in horoscopes and interested in reading them to explain her compatibility with certain people. I've mentioned philosophical topics and asked somewhat abstract questions to her before, which she's usually met either with utter confusion or laughter. She's pragmatic where it concerns many things, including death itself, and scarcely appears to worry much for the future or what it may bring. I've argued with her multiply, for instance, over her horrible habit of texting people while driving, which she assertively diregards by claiming that she is older than I am (her being 30 years old while I am still 17) and pretty much telling me to back off and let her do as she pleases. She also had kleptomanic tendencies as a teenager and stole compulsively without care of the consequences this might've brought out. Although this is very personal for me to share on here, she eventually went to prison for 2 years because of this since she chose to steal certain items impulsively while at an airforce base, causing her to be arrested.

    - Her life motto is pretty much as follows: "You only have one life to live, and you're eventually just going to die anyways, so why not try to enjoy it now while you can?"

    - She loves animals very deeply and feels a particular connection toward them that I don't; she treats her three dogs as if they are her children and is a strong advocate for animal rights. The death of her first pomeranian dog a couple of years ago set her into a depressive state for months even, since her connection toward this pet was so deep.

    - While I'm usually more self-conscious about my appearance, my sister is not ashamed of walking around my mother and I in a thong or wearing a skimpy dress in public; she loves to take care of her body and appearance by working out constantly and enjoys flaunting her assets (she once walked around the neighborhood block a couple of years ago in a skimpy bikini without a care in the world, much to my mother's disapproval).

    - She is hyeprsensitive to uneasy feelings and sadness among the people she cares about; she will pester you constantly about what is bothering you, to an almsot irritating extent, whenever she senses that something is off or wrong with someone, and once she doesn't receive the response she anticipated, she tends to call people out angrily for their "immaturity" and ramble passionately on how she hates how people can't just live happily in the present moment, while providing examples of all the less fortunate people in the world who have to struggle with their circumstances as they are.

    - Does not feeling inhibited or controlled; rather, she's often had failed relationships with her many past boyfriends by seeming naggy and overdemanding of them, which usually pushes them away from her. She has established standards on how she feels a man should act and deep down seeks a man who is more of a homebody, yet most of her men are immature, several years younger than her, and want to spend their free time partying at clubs.

    - Although she is romantic and sentimental deep down, she still feels awkward around mind who, conversely, seem to possessive and clingy toward her; she'd rather take the flaky party boy who doesn't give her the time of day, yet fits her criteria for being physically attractive, than a more plain looking, but very sweet, receptive, and devoted man who texts her randomly just to ask how her day was. It almost feels as if she lives for the chase; she's been smitten over some jerk who only uses her for erm... sexual purposes and doesn't even given her the time of day for several years, yet has never even considered the nice guys who are actually willing to do her groceries for her and compliment her randomly simply because she considered them unattractive.

    - She has mood swings like crazy; at one moment, she will seem laidback and appeased, yet will just as easily snap out of this happy mood and become critical and defensive once a person triggers one of her sensitive buttons and does something she dislikes (most notably, my mother, who she accuses of being nosy and calls a control freak for trying to give her advice on what she feels she should do about her life).

    - She loves to earn money and indulge on materialistic pleasures; she is the type of person who will add yet another purse to the already huge collection that is in her closet simply because she thought it was cute. She loves to shop and is easily attracted by beautiful, aesthetic things.

    - She loves sex, almost too much; unlike me, she is willing to go through with a one-night stand simply because of the pleasure it might bring her, even if there is no emotional connection involved.

    - She is sensitive to how other people treat her and becomes critical if she feels that they are ignoring her or treating her injustly; she gets jealous fairly easily if she doesn't receive the attention she desires and often becomes passive-aggressive and unresponsive.

    - She is in love with love; she wants a man who will love her unconditionally so badly, yet judges most guys on a superficial level based off of their physical attractiveness on the dating websites she visits, which causes her to end up dating and falling for the wrong men.

    - She is a doer; she doesn't daydream or ponder things nearly as much as I do, and is the type who would easily ingratiate with others at a social/ party setting and just let loose in order to have fun. She isn't analytical of situations as I am. She also texts constantly and is better at small talk and coming up with random conversation topics that I will ever be.

    - She is not tolerant of people who just live and do things without worry; she considers it whininess and immaturity when a person hesistates to just do something and goes back and forth on the same topic. She'd rather just accomplish something and get it over with to move on to the next thing on her mind.

    - My SFJ mother is thrown off by her impulsiveness; she simply cannot fathom why my sister cannot just slow down with her life and set her priorities straight, since she usually can't handly my sister's sense of spontaneity and freedom. My ISTJ father is always criticizing my sister for her dislike of academic subjects or school, unable to understand that she simply seems like the type to prefer learning hands on through experience to sitting in a classroom and managing through a subject she dislikes all day.

    So... based upon this information, what should her personality type be?

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    Your older half-sister is clearly an ESFP.
    "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson

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    95% likelihood ESFP, 5% ESTP
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    ESFP 7w8 - 8w7 - 2w3 (not so sure on last fix) so/sx or sx/so

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