Hello,I'm new to Typology central.I joined this site in hopes of finding my MBTI type as I am extremely confused about exactly what I am.I feel as if the more I study MBTI, the more it all starts to blur together,as if I am a conglomeration of all the types.Honestly,I think I could be any of them at this point,although that might be the whole 4w5 thing,I really have no idea.

Moving on,there is one thing I am fairly certain about;my tritype.I originally tested as a 4-5-8 but found I could only relate to the description to an extent,after some research I finally came to the conclusion that I am in fact a 4-6-8(or possibly a 6-4-8),being that the description of the Truth Teller was incredibly accurate.It was almost embarrassing finding such a strangely accurate description of my personality(albeit it was made out to be more extroverted than I am),so,getting to the point,I was hoping you all could help me use my tritype as a sort of link to fishing out my MBTI type or at least giving me a general idea of what I might be.

Sorry this is so long winded...
Thank you for reading,and I would appreciate any and all relevant responses .