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There goes nothing...Here's another wild guess...mostly based on your Major Kusunagi association...You may be an ISTP...They have auxillary Se (reading information from physical environment...and acting out in the physical environment)

You may be reading other people's body languages (auras?)...They also have tertiary Ni...Perhaps you intuition is also helping you notice and associate certain Se readings with certain human behaviour...They have dominant Ti...which means you are gathering more data on your suspicions...to see if they fit...
It was something she said that made me feel weird. Then a thought came up... like there's something more to this woman she doesn't outwardly let people see. I don't know if they are aura's. For example, I have two co-workers who haven't interacted with me all that much yet. But one of them... I like because he feels warm. And the other is a woman who feels light. It's like I'm watching them from the periphery... and I know what kinds of lives they lead. Another example of this, when it comes to action, is I would meet a person... and I would have gut feelings. Sometimes I know when a person is going to do something or not. But I don't usually stop it. I just wait until they do it. And a couple of times they do as I predicted. I mostly just wait and watch.

Another example, when I was a child... I wondered how automobiles work. You pour in liquid. What does that liquid do? I didn't know then. But sometime after that... as I was doing something completely irrelevant to that thought. A mental image came up of an engine and the word gasoline. Then I knew... the engine converts that liquid to gas that provides the energy to operate a vehicle. Those are the kinds of gut feelings I have.

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The gist of it thing is Ti I guess...Think Te like you are vomiting out your thoughts into externally structured forms...Ni helps to crunch data to more edible forms (gist)...Then you are consuming those Ni crunched data thru Ti? (integrating it to your main Ti framework)...

Ni-dom framework is more fuzzy...can jump from A to F (without knowing how and then tries to backtrack it either thru Ti internal analysis or Te external output)...whereas Ti-dom framework is more concrete/linear...goes more like A-B-C-D-E-F...
The summary I make are of the most essential parts. Because it's usually a wall of text. (Sometimes the author of the book says the same thing, but in a different phrasing.) And then, if I feel like it's missing something, I would either go to the internet and add more data to it, or add data that I already know. The stuff that I'm learning doesn't need to be graphed or charted because there isn't much memorization required for it. You just have to understand it(I already do since I've already read it before in a different book). When it comes to some information, like when I needed to learn about blood typing. Now that I would have to put in boxes with labels and drawings.

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ISTPs like action, tools, mechanics, sports...they have nimble but robust low fat bodies...they are good at engineering...clint eastwood is the epitome of ISTPs...check his facial features to see if they fit...they have this angry emotionless look...(inferior Fe?)
I'm not really very action-oriented. I act after I've envisioned my plan and when I'm almost certain it would work. Although, I enjoy riding a bike and walking outside. When it comes to emotions... I don't show a lot of it on my face. There was one time when a person wanted to make me angry... but he couldn't. He said I looked like a philosopher instead... mulling things over.

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Hardware or software (ISTP or INTJ?)..?

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The things you told about seeing ways to manipulate people may be (in the case of ISTP) physical manipulation thru Se rather than trial error manipulation thru Ne...by using body language perhaps...

ISTPs inferior Fe may mean you may be acting offensively (thru lack of mimics or warmth) against other even when you do not aim to...

ISTP females are tomboys I guess? Are you?
I'm not that boyish. However, I'm not girly either. I'm in between (similar to motoko, I still am feminine only more androgynous). I'm minimalistic when it comes to clothing. I use what is necessary and what I anticipate would be necessary.

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I've decided I'm INTJ. I just needed to confirm it. And, at this point, I already have... thanks for the help though. The information you've provided has helped me figure things out. Although it was indirectly. Eheh. I'll not respond to this thread anymore. Cause there is no further need. I appreciate everyone's help!