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    Default Hello am I an Isfj or infj?

    Hey I am slightly debating on my mbti type. I unfortunately do not have a way at the current moment to fill out a questionaire so if there is another way to determine my type please let me know and I appreciate it. In college I had to take a tet and I got an Infj but I began to have doubts and after someone claimed that I was an E,(something that I would admittedly hate to be) I took a paid test to see what I was in a way someone else could interpret mine since I know that I have a twisted lens when assesing myself. I think I know my enneagram type which may or may not be a 4 with a wing of a 3.

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    You don't write like an INFJ.

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    INFJ has dominant introverted intuition. ISFJ has dominant introverted sensing.

    If you are a dom Ni user, you have premonitions about the future in the form of visions or insights. You'll take in information from the environment via your auxiliary function, which for an INFJ would be extroverted feeling, and then have an insight that explains what's going to happen next. INFJs have insights into people because they look outward in their environment for emotions (Fe). (Decision making functions when externalized draw data in from the outside to be interpreted; extroverted thinking for instance absorbs facts and evidence from the outside world to be interpreted through either Si or Ni while extroverted feeling absorbs emotions displayed in the environment by others to be interpreted by Si or Ni).

    If you are a dom Si user, you notice differences or changes in something in the present. Si users are very good at spotting changes in something, because Si is associated with memory. An Si user asks "Has this always been like this?". In the ISFJ, they look at people's emotions that are being displayed (Fe) and interpret whether or not this person has always acted like this. ISFJ's will be the people to say "you seem different" when you display an abnormal emotion.

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