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Thread: either 6 or 9

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    Default either 6 or 9

    the longer description of 6 i relate to a lot, but I do have a lot of 9 traits as well. believe me I was torn between 4 different ones for a long time 4,5,6,9.

    argument for 6
    Basic Proposition: Love and protection are gained by vigilance and endurance.

    Habitual Focus of Attention: Threat, hazard, difficulties

    What "Loyal Skeptics" tell us about themselves:

    They are preoccupied with safety and security concerns;

    They greet everything with a doubting mind, and contrary thinking;

    "Loyal Skeptics" report active imaginations that amplify questionable areas;

    They question people and authority;

    They procrastinate because of fearing the outcome, failing to complete projects
    Average 6s place safety and trust above all else, making them among the most loyal of the Enneagram personalities. Of course, each type's greatest strength is also their greatest weakness, and the 6s capacity for loyalty can be devastating if they put their faith into something malicious or unreliable. A 6 that has been "burned" by someone they trusted can become permanently wary of others, or of their own judgment. They may react strongly to this betrayal, either retreating into fear or lashing out. 6s often seek safety in groups of like-minded, trustworthy people, and among them they can be fun-loving, playful, and very good company. But outside of such a protective environment, 6s feel less secure and more exposed, and more beholden to their fears.

    The average 6 is a somewhat difficult type for many other types to understand. The 6's thoughts can range widely, often in strongly self-contradictory ways, which can lead to problems with indecision and doubt. They simultaneously like people and fear the power others have over them. They value trust, but are afraid of putting their trust into someone that will hurt them. They would like a strong authority to make them feel safe, but often question the competence of these same authorities. 6s often develop good "bull-shit detectors" because of their lifelong habit of reading between the lines of what people say. Because 6s are both analytical and people-oriented, they may have very good insights into the motivations of others
    6s are extremely loyal to those they trust, and may fight for them more strongly than they would for themselves.
    he ambivalent, reactive nature of the 6 often means they can oscillate between a wide range of behaviors, from compliance to aggression to withdrawal, thus emulating a lot of other personalities at different times.
    In the average state, when Sixes' are not not being so loyal to others, they start to feel insecure among others. This increases the need to be secure, which helps Sixes to again seek out authority and become loyal to it, or become more loyal to others around them. Thus the balancing loop can help Sixes to recover.
    Fear of being abandoned -> distrust others -> security -> Fear of being abandoned
    In the unhealthy state, the basic fear of being abandoned can cause Type Sixes to become suspicious of others and start to distrust others. This reduces their sense of security, which further increases Sixes' basic fear. The cycle continues to build up.
    argument for 9
    You don’t want to be drawn into conflict and avoid being pressured to react. Self-forgetting by nature, you repress your anger and neglect your needs in order to avoid the discomfort that comes with conflict. Because you may lose yourself in life’s simple pleasures, the needs of others, or the basic task of living, you may never go after what you truly want. You may struggle to find your one true passion. At times, you may be complacent and minimize anything that is upsetting.
    Often the strong silent type, you have the power of patience, persistence and resistance. You see yourself as having stamina and take pride in your ability to endure. You tend to procrastinate and take longer than others to make up your mind. When you do make a decision, you are like an unstoppable elephant pursuing its goals. Not one to self-promote, you would rather be discovered than announce yourself. Others may underestimate you due to your casual and nonchalant attitude. This is nearly always a mistake–one that you are happy to let others make because you prefer not to flaunt your talents or appear egotistical.
    You avoid conflict, complications and judgmental people. Being shut down, overlooked and not included by others are among your greatest fears. You are afraid of being loveless and of not receiving or being able to give love. Paradoxically, your avoidance of anger and conflict can lead to more conflict. You don't want to deal with anything until you are good and ready. It is hard for you to say no, so yes means maybe and maybe means absolutely not!
    Your virtues are your acceptance, peacefulness and ability to see universal truths. Open and receptive, you easily relate to others. When you are at your best, you can be both personally and universally connected. Whether you prefer simple pleasures or intellectual pursuits,
    Your vices are indolence, inaction or sloth. This can lead to self-forgetting and neglecting your needs and/or the needs of others. Your inattention and forgetfulness can manifest as “crimes of omission”. You may also be stubborn or turn a blind eye to someone in need. Everyone thinks that you are on his or her side and can interpret your understanding as agreement. Overly avoiding conflict, you are most likely to hurt the people around you by not keeping promises due to your lack of follow through. This can make for a passive-aggressive stance in life where you don't see the impact of your inaction and can appear callous or indifferent.
    9s have an unusual ability to "go with the flow" of their surroundings, and a desire to be connected with their surroundings. This ability is both their biggest strength and weakness; at best, 9s are very accepting and supportive of others as they really are, but at worst 9s forget who they themselves are, passively agreeing with others and afraid to assert their own desires. 9s learning the Enneagram may take a long time to figure out their type because they identify more with others than with their own true selves.

    The passivity of average 9s can make it hard for them to assert their needs or make decisions. 9s can have a particularly hard time making painful decisions, like firing someone, because they also see the other person's predicament, and hate to force confrontations. Average 9s may distract themselves from tough problems with soothing but trivial tasks
    so I'm 98% sure they're both in my tri type, but not sure which is my core. If you want me to do another video, I will just give me new questions. btw I don't know if this makes a difference but I was a lot more 6ish as a kid

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    I know you don't like me and all that - but I HAVE studied the enneagram for an awful long time - I've watched your videos and read your self-descriptions - and the type that fits you best is 5w6.
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    Man, there sure is a lot going on here! We're gonna have to rope the area off--for just a little while--so that nobody tampers with the evidence. Or something.

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    There, off-topic and escalatory stuff got moved. See, that wasn't so bad.

    Might be worth keeping discussion (a) a bit more impersonal and (b) halfway related to type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garbage View Post
    There, off-topic and escalatory stuff got moved. See, that wasn't so bad.

    Might be worth keeping discussion (a) a bit more impersonal and (b) halfway related to type.
    i i captain.

    (I legit couldn't understand why the thread was closed, I could the other ones, those were obvious. so my thought was oh it's to mess with me, of course I made the mistake of posting that thread in haste plus I was scared this was never gonna be reopened, i didn't care about the others, and though no one's probably gonna say anything else I just like the idea that if they want they can. it comes down to I need to understand why things happen)
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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