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    Default Used to think I was a 4w5...

    ...but now I'm not so sure. I think that I thought that I was because I have social anxiety and used to have quite prominent depression that took over my natural state of being for various reasons. However, I feel a strong need to connect to people, not all people, per se, just to have meaningful relationships with others.

    Now that my depression has been *mostly* treated, it's social anxiety that is the real kicker. At school (where I'm forced to be) I am quite social with a select few, and I would be with more if I didn't live in homogeneous festering hellhole where most people are, as an understatement, rather unpleasant. It's after school that I don't, mostly because I'm not used to. It's a habit for me to just go home, do homework/Internet/read/write etc. instead of hang out with people.

    I've also noticed that my natural state of being isn't the state of contemplation that comes to easily to fours - it's more like this: - "Healthy persons of this subtype desire to feel not only accepted and secure with others, but also happy, particularly with regard to material well-being...People in this subtype are friendly and sociable, taking neither themselves nor life that seriously, or at least not solemnly...They tend to be self-deprecating, and if possible, turn their fears into occasions for reassurance, further bonding with others, or even humor. Healthy Sixes with a Seven-wing are usually extremely playful and funny, since a sense of humor is one of their most salient means of coping with life and its tensions...Average Sixes with a Seven-wing are also hardworking and loyal, but begin to have problems with procrastination and initiating projects...They tend to depend more on others for reassurance and will usually seek advice from a number of sources before coming to an important decision...Increasingly, the subtype complains, frets, and turns the Seven's propensity for envisioning options into a tendency to conceive of everything that can go wrong in a situation. At the same time, the Seven-wing causes them to succor themselves with various distractions and compensations."

    Also, I looked at the descriptions for the triads, and the the thinking triad sounds a lot more like me than the heart one.

    Thinking- (Five, Six, Seven)

    Concerned with: Strategies and Beliefs

    Have Issues with: Insecurity and Anxiety

    Seeks: Security

    Wants to: Find a sense of inner guidance and support

    Underlying Feeling: Fear

    -Contrasting qualities-

    Personality (Hidden From Others)
    Mental Chatter
    Figuring it out
    Strategies, doubt
    Anxiety and fear
    (The above is their how they orient themselves in the future)

    Essence (Conscious about this)
    Quiet mind
    Inner guidance
    Knowing, clarity
    Support and steadiness
    Open to present moment
    (The above is how they are oriented in the here and now)

    TL;DR - While I am creative, introspective, and self-expressive like a 4w5, it's not my dominant e type; rather, this 4-ness is looming around in my tritype. Do you think I'm right?
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    Yes, you sound very six to me. My six wing always looks for a selective few people to associate with in order to feel safe. While my five core mostly just shrugs off connections with others and seeks solitude and internal thoughts. The result fir me s that I'm social in groups with a few chosen ones, I'm rarely gregarious but spend a lot if time alone in introspection. Outside if the few social situations I am forced into (work) I am entirely solitary.

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