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    Quote Originally Posted by SophiaDeep View Post
    yes, I know creativity can manifest itself in many different ways, and I as well think that a sensor's way of creating art is much more direct while the intuitive's work is more abstract, but it's hard to say when it comes to my friends.... They paint, or create things that are rarely concrete to some situations, they rather create things inspired from their minds and own creativity, which might sound more like N, but when I talk to them I've never noticed they would be interested in theories, or abstract/philosophical topics. They actually told me a lot of times before they hate subjects at their colleges involving theory, where they can't directly work on something which is pretty much a sensing statement.
    This sounds like my kid, an ISFP. That's why I said the part about what they like to talk about/ how they talk.

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    I am good at these things but lack the patience to stick with them. I've come to the conclusion that mental visions are physically impossible to reproduce in full detail with just a pair of hands, and one has got to be at peace with that. I'm not. My ideal would be a machine that makes whatever you're thinking of just appear, but that would sap the weight of work ethic from the value of the creation, which means something to me. Or, "work" might be redefined by the machine's invention, but there's another thing...considering what's on my mind on a regular basis, having that wish granted would bite me and everyone within miles in the ass if I left the machine on by accident, especially overnight. Think Ghostbusters: "I couldn't help it! It just popped into my head!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by reckful View Post
    As further discussed in this post, you're more likely to find INFPs than ISFPs in most "creative artist" categories, including "hands on" professions like photographers and fine artists.
    That was an interesting post.

    A few things I'd consider though....
    - INFPs are more likely to be in the "gifted" or "high IQ" populations, which is perhaps why a higher percent end up in jobs which are more creative & less about task work. It would be interesting to see where ISFPs & INFPs of rather equal intelligence wind-up.
    - Jobs don't reflect actual preferences or skills even. My ISFP step-dad is currently a janitor, but draws beautifully. He used to work as a cartoonist & creative director before the economy tanked. He does approach everything artistically, like a "craft" not a concept, from cooking to gardening, etc. You could argue he was for a time in a creative job, but he's had other periods where he did carpet cleaning or other janitorial-like work. He is not ambitious and far more complacent than me about his day-to-day work. Jung's Ne description paints someone who pursues opportunity, who is restless, whereas Se sounds more hedonistic. Which would be more driven to pursue a career in the arts? Who would be more content in a leisurely, simple life? It's pretty obvious an INFP would generally be more driven even if not more talented.
    - My personal observation is that ISFPs are also less adept at seeing opportunities, so they don't as easily find ways to turn preferences & talents into paying work. INFPs also tend to be better at speaking, writing & academics & may be more at home in the educational institutions where they get the cred to become paid artists. This again, doesn't mean the ISFP doesn't have arty hobbies or talent.
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