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    So far most of what you've said would indicate use of the top three INFJ functions, to me anyway.
    "our preferences do not determine what's true." -Sagan

    "I know you just want to know more, the problem is that people think their box of answers is perfect for everyone else." -Forever


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    I actually identify with everything you wrote here, we are so similar in every ways. Oh great, I'm starting to wonder if I might be INFJ again.

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    I always love seeing the difference between INFP and INFJs.

    INFPs are a bit more passive (I didn't believe this as I was learning about all of the NF types, at first). They know what matters to them (psychologically, emotionally, physically), but don't seem to expect it to be manifested in reality. They didn't seem passive to me because (in my opinion) if you know what you want that's great!! And I can always sense that they know as they have this sense of "calmness" about their perspectives and other stuff.
    I don't know what it's like to see them make demands. I guess they really don't. They sort of just simply move towards what they like (if presented to them) and away from what they do not (When it is presented to them). It's a rather calm process compared to the...

    ...INFJ! You get this sense of drive, somehow. Like, INFJs have this long "list" of what they want; you feel how "demanding" they are even they do not appear to be making demands.
    I think that an INFJ can appear to be un-demanding, but it's only because they are hiding it (in my opinion and/or may only be true for me).
    They are hiding it because INFJs are more sensitive than INFPs when it comes to not having their needs met; so it hurts an INFJ "more" when the world isn't ideal. And they take it out on the world more (...I try to limit to punching my pillow at night hahahaha).

    I feel horrible that I step on their toes (the INFPs toes) =(
    You are so arbitrary.

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