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    Default Contrasting orientations? Am I genuinely typeless?

    I seem to have completely odd relationship between myself, and though I have been introspecting for quite a long time. I haven't actually really came up with something useful, because of the fact that pretty much everything seems to work in my favor, and I just think that all of them fit me in particular in their own ways, yet at the same times I just don't see myself as having any of the weaknesses that are provided. So here is a series of compares and contrasts with pretty much every single orientation that is considered possible.

    Introversion vs. Extroversion.

    Introversion: In the traditional sense I would always been labeled as an introvert, both socially and not. I am a shy, conservative (with my resources), cautious, spacey person who does not seem to react to outer stimulus and is generally insensitive to most things outside of something that amuses me. I mostly refer to myself whenever I am telling a tale, and I am generally rather egocentric, self absorbed, and generally somewhat inattentive to things that doesn't provide discomfort for me. The "outside world" strikes fear in me, unless I know what I'm doing.

    Extroversion: Traditionally I would say despite my reservedness, I can be rather animated for no particular reason and I generally enjoy conversations that doesn't necessarily have to be about actual things (people talking about what they are doing bores me). The conversations doesn't have to be deep or anything, just silly whackery and I am content with it. I am not particularly physically orientated, but I do mostly just play read internet articles/videos and occasionally play video games or to masturbate. I don't do much actual self reflection unless there is a system that is made to tell me what I am, and I only really introspect to fit myself into that.

    Sensation vs Intuition.

    Sensation: I am largely motivated mostly by bodily needs, and the here and now. The current, the future is of little concern unless it's to stop my shit from being taken away, and my past is a dreadful thing that I do not wish to contemplate. Not because of a horrible event, but by the overall lackluster performance which led to me being something of a piece of shit in the moment. I am also a violent individual, despite most of it being tucked away voicelessly by a clueless ignorance of my own wants, needs and desires, as well as fear. I think violence and brute force is a legitimate way of doing shit, but I loathe killing because I'm not a sociopath. I am also a rather paranoid individual, who doesn't go into things without some sort of clue as to what I'm doing.

    Intuition: I am completely fine with just taking someone's word that something exists. I don't need proof, evidence or experience to believe that something is real, and I look down on those who overly rely on such things as somewhat stupid. I also try to the origin of the motivations of objects, not necessarily where they come from, but rather WHY that sentiment, or idea exists in the first place. I am decently aware of my bodily needs, but at the same time I treat it like a piece of shit. Again I am prone to violence when mad, but it's very swift and animalistic rather than a higher, elevated form. I am completely bored of data lists, micromanagement and I am typically unsatisfied with basic things. I would rather imagine something in my head, than experience something because surely my impression of it is better than the actual thing. Unless I'm talking about...voices or whatever. I also enjoy planning, and seek to plan everything out before doing anything.

    Thinking vs Feeling

    Thinking: Most of the my goals are formed based not on ideology, but what is actually accomplishable. I get pretty pissed off whenever I think someone is doing something that is a waste of time. Even if it's say a hobby of theirs that they actually like. I utterly hate pretense, dramatics, and stylism if it's not for the sake of indulgence. Such as whenever describes themselves as a romantic flower or whatever, and goes off on psuedo-artistic wankery themselves. I like systems, categories, definitions, yet I dislike data, statistics. Only really using them to get what I want. I think everything can be categorized, though I do have sense of what is more important to categorize than other things. Looking at what is the big deal, rather than trying to pin point everything down. I use other people's systems and generally retain a purist understanding them, and I like to be minimalistic about it too. Reducing everything that isn't important, and disregarding definitions that I personally find to be inferior. I only have a select amount of people who I listen to, most other opinions being irrelevant to me. I am anal as all hell about how one categorizes something too, and I will be rather pissy if I think someone is wrong.

    Feeling: Most of my opinions are there mostly because I find them agreeable or not. As such, I generally have a low tolerance towards doing things that I don't wish to do. What I think as valuable or not, rarely involves actual pragmatism, unless it involves getting me what the fuck I want. The entire reason why I form one political stance over the over is simply out of a desire to smash the system, hatred of the rich and what allows me to get into arguments the easiest. I get really angry if someone says/does something that I find to be morally wrong. Particularly whenever it involves human rights or whatever. Trying to maintain a balance between the enrichment of the underclass, the smashing of fascists and scientific progress with each having an equal pool on me. I am fairly considerate about other people's needs and wants. I am also idealistically motivated, as cynicism disturbs the hell out of me. I do say pretty pessimistic things, but statements such as "you gotta do what you have to do." "Everyone is out for themselves." annoy, and causes distress mostly because I think people should be able to live as hedonistically as possible. Without having to deal with being chained to tradition, archaic relationships and things. The other is because it is true that most people just want to have a good time? Why punish people for wanting to have a good life, as long as they aren't fucking over other people, then it's all good. No need to drink the haterade.

    Misc. One thing that bothers the hell out of me, to the point where it is arguably a serious complex is whenever people talk about doing things, or having a lot of things going on for them. Considering my sedentary, conservative, passionless lifestyle, and other people just being able to do shit without necessarily breaking down every 2-3 hours is infuriating. People who have nice shit, significant others who they just don't merely tolerate, passion, people who actually like them, actual skills and knowledge. I know it's a rather basic complex, but it's like..more specific yet I can't give out much details without it confusing me.

    If there is more information that is necessary I will provide it.
    Phelgmatic-Jewish-Communist-Islamic-Transethnic-Asexual-National Socialist

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    You posted enough to give me confidence in your beliefs. Stand tall.

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