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Ladies and Gentleman, I have revived this thread after a 3 day stay down in the Delta, which due to the horridly boring landscape while driving let me introspect more than usual.

I would first like to begin with a dilemma, which would be type 4 vs type 3. I have realized that I desire success, as do we all, but I desire to be seen specifically as the mysterious, third person sage that plays the strings in the background. I've seen all of the shitty type descriptions of the 4 being the emo/"I'm unique"/"love me for who I am" kind of person, but I think that that isn't true. I've seen some interesting depictions of the 4 as being the person who wants to be seen as unique and mysterious, not unique and putting themselves out there for the world to see their shiny uniqueness. So I'm torn whether or not I'm actually a 3 or perhaps a narcissistic 4, and I need your input on it.
Alright... do you do much at all to achieve this mysterious sage image? How?

The only thing I am completely certain of is that I have an 8 fix somewhere. I know this primarily from introspection and secondarily from experience, as I just received a very unappetizing letter when I got home and had to calm myself down so that I wouldn't murder/maim the person who sent it and ended up releasing my anger most explosively.
Lol, how did you do it "most explosively"?

For the head fix, I'm leaning more toward 5 but am still considering the possibility of an sp 7 or a cp 6. I do get flighty and impulsive sometimes like a 7 but I don't prefer being like that, I prefer to be more reserved and stoic. A cp 6 would be an interesting fit but I'm not really a "fight your fear" kind of person, unless there are different kinds of cp 6s. I'm all ears for any of the head types.
Guess 5 works then

Let the Typing Begin.
Well I tried