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Sorry... Well, you know you're not Te dominant and you're introverted, right???? I just think that you are an introvert-perceiving dominant. That leaves you with 4 types to choose from: ISTJ/INTJ/INFJ/ISFJ and ...you seem more Fe than Te... so that leaves you with two...
Si or Ni? I guess I need to learn what both of these functions do. Ni is wholly abstract to me, and I don't know as much about Si as I thought I did.

Upon reading around a bit, I think I'm leaning toward Ni. When I see something I see through it; I get an impression of what's inside of it. When I see people I get an impression, a certain essence that describes them to the point that I can connect the essence of one person with that of another. When learning about ideas, I sort of get what I can only describe as a shape...a vague image of an idea, which I can relate to other vague images. These vague impressions and images define my life. I never see things immediately as they are, but the impressions and images they suggest to me; things that I can't even really begin to describe, but somehow I understand them. If that's Ni, them I'm an INFJ.