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    I think you definitely can. Asperger's may affect it but doesn't define it.

    To me, you sound INFJ.

    I_FJ you kind of laid out for us, and it sounds like it fits. It sounds like you tend to process first in a more personal, F>T way, as you indicated. I don't see any indication for P, but plenty for J. Ni based on the "kaleidoscope". Si is more linear, I think. More aggregating and less spinning and reflecting.

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    I have to agree with the rest, tough call between INTP and INFJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzulEyes View Post
    You sound like my INFJ brother.
    He is brilliant and a thinker- even though he's not a thinker, you know?
    Just all the bullets you listed- were like ALL HIM. lol
    Good luck figuring it out- if anything- it seems you are totally in the ball park!
    And one last thing- don't worry so much about a potential mate not getting you per se. Get out there and meet guys. Don't put time frames or expectations on the process. Just dip your toe in the water! You never know what fun you might have (or where it could lead to!)
    Thank you very much! Actually, thank you everyone for your input here. I'm going to do some more research to see what I find and connect with (I also identify heavily with the type 5 in the Enneagram, which is why I sometimes think I'm a thinking type).

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