So, I'm trying to figure out my enneagram type/instinctual variant. I'm pretty sure I'm a 6 (when I was younger, I was constantly plagued by doubt, anxiety and paranoia and I still can be under extreme stress).

I've read other threads on here discussing that 6 is an Self-Preserving type anyway, so it's hard to separate the 6 from the SP. According to, SP in a 6 actually looks like this:

Type 6: Warmth/affection

As a self-preservation subtype, you disarm others with your warmth and affection. By acting kindly with thoughtfulness and deferral, people won’t be angry with you or harm you. You’ll make friends and get people to like you by pleasing, supporting and aligning with them – in effect creating a safety zone populated with allies. This makes you feel safe and secure. Avoiding risks and staying within well-known boundaries also can abate your fears. At your worst, you give away your authority and power, paradoxically making you more vulnerable.
which sounds very different from the typical SP concerns with financial stability.

I do act like this in a work situation, but I guess most people do - especially Fes. While I will try and build relationships with people I need to have a relationship with - e.g. bosses, stakeholders (like most people!), I don't generally put a disarming amount of warmth into it and I'm not - consciously - doing it so they won't harm me. If I see someone as a potential threat, I'm much more likely to either avoid them or start confronting them, often to the detriment of that person's view of me.

In terms of general SP-ness I am pretty bad at maintaining daily routines, knowing when I'm tired or hungry and budgeting.

I feel more SX, in that I am very one-to-one focussed and feel bereft if I'm single too long. I find myself toning down my intensity in day to day life as I get older because it doesn't jive very well with most people, but possibly that means I'm actually SX second...

All thoughts welcome