@lume, this is inspired by the info that came out in your thread.

How do people with Je versus Pe for their main extraverted function meet the demand for structure in their lives, whether it's keeping organized or on a daily routine, or more abstract considerations like rules of conduct and morals? This is especially when these people are young and are first introduced to authority and right/wrong. You can take it in or reject it, you can try to meet or exceed objective standards, you can care less about adhering or seize rigidly onto principles, etc, and all for different reasons.

I will say that this info will be useful to me in understanding a part of my own type that is unaccounted for and nagging lately, but also hope it will be useful to others in this section because J/P is a popular question.

Experiences help, but mostly I am looking for your knowledge of the theory.

What about SJ/NJ and SP/NP differences here, too? Or Fi/Te versus Fe/Ti, and what difference it makes if the F comes before the T or vice versa in both arrangements.