When I was first on the forum, generally I gave off a 1w2 vibe. After time has progressed, I had discovered 4w5 fit better. As for tritype, I would usually get 451 on the tests. However, I feel that I am a bit more placid than 451 descriptions, and often times emotions can run deep and overwhelm me. I do a great deal to keep them under control so then the intensity doesn't consume me and cloud my personal judgments, or put me into an emotionally harmful situation. I tend to have a generally quiet and calm exterior with an intense and passionate interior, although I feel that a lot of my emotions are bottled up, trying to keep control over them. I used to be more reactive as a child, but I was taught to have better self-control, not to lose my temper, not to cry, not to overreact. Does this sound more like the 459 tritype, or is this 451, or maybe some other type 4 tritype?