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    I'm curious how you guys would type me using the enneagram. I found the format of the inventory weird - IIRC you were supposed to imagine yourself as others see you, which kind of caught me off guard. I think that as a result I didn't really identify with the top ranked types, and several were close. My results are on the forum but please don't look them up - I will post them here later perhaps.

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    5 for head type, 3 for heart, and 8 for gut, is my guesstimate. If you require an explanation it'll be later because it's getting very late over here.

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    5w6 sp/so, maybe.

    5w6 SP/SO: The prototype for the so-called "Schizoid Personality"; this is the type of Five that's usually emphasized in the descriptions. Accurately perceived by others as cool, aloof, and indifferent, with very little need (at least consciously) for social and emotional connection with other people. Freedom from being constrained by the needs of others is the most important thing; by contrast, interpersonal relations offer comparably few rewards. Impervious not only to relations with other people but to pleasure generally. They "intellectualize" life to an extensive degree, to the point of coming across as unfeeling and robot-like - the consummate scientist, the dispassionate observer. Because they are protected from the ups and downs of life by their pervasive intellectualization, they come across as stolid and unflappable. May have difficulty understanding the dynamics of interpersonal relations, as this falls outside the purview of the strictly logical. However, because their detachment renders them impervious to the emotionally-colored thinking that beleaguers many people, they may be able to understand truths about human nature that others are not objective enough to discern. Disciplined and hardworking in the interest of being able to afford their withdrawal from life.

    How well do you relate to that?

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    Very well actually.

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