I've taken the test multiple times and try and give my 100% true answer... It seems like I take the test and just keep putting in the same answers over and over again without actually noticing. Anyways I get INTJ as my result each time and each time it says I prefer T to F by 1%. Looking up some blogs and videos about INTJ types and I can relate to some stuff but then there's a lot that doesn't fit me and I most definitely don't think of myself as a darker person and from what I read INTJ are mostly darker and even seem kind of cruel to me and I admit once in a while I can give a little bit of tough love but I really don't see myself as a INTJ or maybe I'm just over-thinking it a bit too much. Finally I decided to look up INFJ since I only did miss being categorized as INFJ by 1% and it turned out INFJ actually does fit me a lot more then INTJ does. The only problem I had was I don't express my feelings I know I have them inside me but I was raised to not show much emotion, to me I think of emotion as vulnerability. I don't show my true inner self to anyone besides my very close family. But I can relate to INFJ in the way I can understand peoples emotions and feelings very well and some people often like to tell me a lot about them yet they don't know much about me. Im still unsure if im INTJ or INFJ maybe Im just a INxJ?

I'd tell you a story of something that happened not to long ago and maybe this can further help explain which is my true type?

A really good friend of the family started coming around more often and so we started talking a lot, but it was mostly her talking and I would just listen to all her stories and she would tell me about her life and some dark secrets that she said she hasn't told anyone. I was a little confused why she was telling me all these things since she hardly knows me. But I would just listen and just give her whatever advice I could or how I thought she could have handle the situation a little better and it was mostly that I was there to listen to her that made her feel better so I didn't mind doing that. Anyways I guess she started getting mad at me because she would give me all this information about herself but I would never tell her anything personal about me. One day she tells me " I can tell that your depressed and sad and lonely" I just ignored her and she just kept pushing the subject asking me whats wrong why am I always by myself and I just simply told I like to be myself alone sometimes its nothing personal I'm fine. I thought she would understand but instead she just keep trying to break me down or something telling me why I'm I so depressed and she can tell because that's how she was when she was depressed but I kept assuring her that I am fine nothing is wrong with me but she didn't believe me. After a week of her keep telling me this I just got fed up and told her just leave me alone already, I'm not depressed I feel fine if anyone is depressed it's you since your the one that keeps bringing up the subject. I admit that was very rude to tell someone and I felt really bad especially since I made her cry by saying that. After this all happened she went around telling my family and friends of ours that I'm a mean person because of what I did. But after talking to a lot of the people they told me that they didn't believe her because I'm one of the nicest person they know.

Honestly that was the only time I was told I was a mean person and I guess that can seem kind of a INTJ thing to do but I'm not usually like that and I didn't really know other peoples perspective about me before this situation happened. And since it did happen I found out that a lot of people actually think of me as a nice and caring person, and I think it was a good thing that situation occurred because I thought people didn't really like me (forever whatever crazy reasons I had in my head) but I had lots of long talks with family members and friends and it turns out I'm actually a pretty cool person. It was pretty funny because a lot of them did ask how come I don't come around a lot and I just simply said I like the quiet. Which really explains my introverted ways.

I know this is a lot to read and maybe none of it can help decide my actual personality type but I figured I might as well try my best for you guys to try and figure out my personality type.