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    Default Our own questionnaire?

    I've noticed, that all the questionnaires seemed to be like made through a copy machine. The questions are rather dry and it can be boring for those who answer the question as much as for those who read the answers. So I just had one crazy idea...Let's made a questionaire based on a fantasy story and let's make our unsure users to become fantasy heroes. I know it's crazy...But I tried. And I've never made any questionnaire in my whole life and this is my first try...Feel free to say it sucks if it does!

    1. You are walking across the room, when suddenly you found a broken mirror on the floor. There are pieces of glass everywhere in your room and right now something crunched under your feet. You feel wierd freezing on your back, but you have no courage to turn your head. You decided to pick up one piece of the mirror, but wait...something is different. The mirror does not reflect your room, but some forest...What si your immidiate reaction? What do you feel? What do you think? What does your body do? Is it shaking? Your mind... is it confused, or you just feel like you know what is going on already? Is it real? Is it just some trick?

    2. The forest seem empty, but somewhere in the back, there is a small figure coming nearer to you. When you see its face it's not yet an adult, not a child. But it asks for your help...It tells you a story about some land you've never heard of and about creatures you've never saw. What will you do? What will your answer to the creature be? Would you help? Would you try to find out why you have so crazy dreams? Would you be thinking? Unsure? Scared?....

    3. The creature doesn't seem to be so interested in your opinion. The mirror just dragged you in like weightless air. You are now not in your room anymore. You are in the forest and the creature is looking right into your eyes. What do you think? What do you feel? What do you want to do? Do you have any plan?

    4. You now know people here need your help. They give you some choices... Because their world is not so modern as ours and they are in war with some greater power, which even they don't exactly know you could give them some practical technical advices how to constract and use our modern tools, technical devices etc...You could also help sick and dying and give them some knowledge about modern medicine to save the poor people from death. Or you could tell them about some theories we know nowdays and you could try to figure out, on which logical principe the power the fight against might work. You can try to understand to power and help to make a theoretical plan on how to defied it. Or you can come up with some of your own ideas on how to help people and their world to improove. How to save dyings and how to make it better for people in the future without the great scary power. Choose whatever you want to.
    5. The creature tells, that you just choose your own path. 4 people have been chosen for this quest and you chosen the path of one from them. How do you feel about this being a part of some "chosen group"?

    6. You now need to go your own path, but the whole culture of this world seem to be very different. All you've ever been used to before is not real here. How hard for you is to adpat and accept the new culture?

    7. You try to go throught path you choose and help where you promised. In making so, there is one young boy who still wants to help you, be with you, know everything you know... How do you feel about this iterruption? Do you like his curiousity, or you think its rather disturbing? Would you teach him, or would you rather just do your job?

    8. can't get rid of this boy so easily. You're working and you decided to teach him something from time to time, but suddenly the boy becomes offensive and starts to attack your ideas, beliefs, system of work...How do you feel about it?

    9. You're not working as fast as you should. So the creature that called you decided to get you in the team with some others from their land. How do you feel about it? Would you rather work alone, or you don't mind some team help?

    10. In that team, would you wait for someone else to take the lead, or would you take the leadership automatically?

    11. Would you view the team work as nice opportunity to meet new creatures and maybe even people, or would it be just a necessary work for you?

    12. You completed your task. Well Done! You helped when it was needed, and you saved the land from the destruction, will you tell anyone about this?
    "I never felt oppressed because of my gender. When I'm writing a poem or drawing, I'm not a female; I'm an artist." - Patti Smith

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    This is interesting.
    I really like cats and food.

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