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    -He reminded me of Walter White from Breaking Bad, who I both suspect are 6w5s; prideful, masochistic, and resentful of past failures. I can't watch that show without seeing my father reflected in him.

    -He had a habit of constantly contacting old friends (some people whom appear to have no interest in him). He was talkative, chatty and constantly reminded them of past favors. He would often call people he hadn't talked to in 20 years. It looked like it took him effort to be social since he always looked visibly nervous and stuttered alot, but he was amazingly resilient. When he felt unappreciated, he would rant to them and mention all the times that he took them out, payed for their drinks, loaned them money, etc. He had a strangely vivid memory about these things.

    -I suspect his extroversion may be a result of the extroverted nature of Catholic cultures, nonetheless, he was much more talkative than my ISFJ mom. He was generally assertive (if there was a problem, conflict or any sort of mishap, he would address it and make sure his needs were met), but his default position was more passive.

    -Family was extremely important to him. He would always send money to his mother and would occasionally single out his siblings for not supporting her, or him enough. The man likely spent half of his time talking to people on the phone; the other half he spent watching the news and repetitive variety shows from his home country. His 7w8 brother in law made lighthearted joke about his family and he turned it into a circus act. He would send threats indirectly through family members, and despised him for a while, but they got over it quickly.

    -He was unemployed for maybe half the time he was with us. During that time he would spend most of his time complaining about the dynamics of this country, and was nostalgic about the days in which he was some sort of self-made upper middle class man in his home country, taking his friends out for beers and building houses in my name (he was strangely clingy about me when he and my mom would argue). He would always bring up those houses whenever my mother criticized him, he saw it as a source of pride in his then depressing existence.

    -He took it personally whenever I would question his logic or explanations for things. He sometimes found my sense of humor strange or distasteful, although he was usually lighthearted and bantery around most people, and was an incredibly animate drunk. He wasn't Hank Hill by any means.

    -According to my mom, he used to wonder if I was gay due to my eccentricity.

    -He was highly aware of his bodily needs and refused to go anywhere or do anything that would mess with his sleep schedule, physical comfort, bladder movements, etc. When we would visit family, the bathroom being too far from the guest room would be a source of distress for him. He always found it necessary to say things like "we all need to get a good night's sleep", "once you eat a good breakfast, you're set for the rest of the day", etc.

    -He was very showy and tacky in appearance. When he first came to the country, he would wear expensive, loud jewelry and fitted caps which embarrassed the hell out of me. He bought lots of cologne and relatively expensive sneakers.

    -Whenever he'd enter my room while I was moody, he would get incredibly self-conscious. He would put up with my annoyance with him until it caused him to crack. At which point, he would ignore me except to curse me or call me the equivalent of a bastard, but it never lasted more than a day or two.

    -He was very bad at comforting me in times of emotional stress, and we both preferred that he stay out of it. When he tried to, it came off as meaningless, clumsy and rehearsed.

    -He always gave me and any young person in his presence random, pointless lectures about staying out of trouble and being "good".

    -He would always tell the same rehashed stories to strangers and acquaintances. He was very good at relating to others, although in my eyes he was incredibly uninteresting. He could talk to strangers as if they were old friends. His job in his home country certainly required an incredible amount of people skills.

    Thoughts on type?

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    ISTJ 6w5 sp/so.

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