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    Default Type me please! (video included)


    I have made a video (apologies that it is quite long) and would like somebody to type me if they could. Enneagram and variant stacking if possible please (though you're welcome to MBTI type me as well.) I am already sort of aware of my type (there is another thread on here by me which I didn't want to compromise your conclusion) but I wanted the luxury of being typed by how I come across in real life which I've not had the opportunity to experience.

    A few points

    - A special thanks to prplchknz. Her video gave me the idea and the link she provided gave me the questions which I answered.
    - Apologies if you can't understand my accent or if I mumble. It was too long for me to bother doing over.
    - I talk bullshit in a few places because I'm allowing my lips to flap as I am in introspection yet feel the need to express a particular point.
    - I personally think it's a horrible video so if you didn't enjoy it I don't do refunds for lost time.

    Thanks and on with the show!

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    I would say 4w5 sp/sx.

    Sp because of the emphasis on personal space, your inner world, and competency
    Sx-second because 1. you strike me as contra-flow and 2. I see none of the social-4 shame.

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    When you talked about things that make you angry, the innocence of humanity, and hating incompetence, I got the impression you are 1w9 of some kind. I'd lean towards sp/sx for stacking because of your distaste for social norms.
    {The Diplomat}

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    Thanks for your responses though the distance between the typings would require a fair bit of reflection on my part. But that's fine by me. However if anybody else is willing to try I would appreciate it. Inferences from data correlation is such a turn on.

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