I'm happy about the presence of bunnies in this thread.

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I think you're an isfp. I definitely don't see entp. Your Fi seems stronger than your Se .
Thanks for your input!

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I vote for ESFP actually.

... ... You seem experience orriented and open to new things, I think that points out strong Pe function, which is in your case Se.
That makes sense too I'll definitely look into it! Thanks!

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another one for ISFP. just the fact that you understood and responded to question 5 makes me confident you're an Fi user. and from the pictures i got an introverted sense. and then i got an INFP sense but not quite, plus you said you get bored with abstract stuff so that bounced me back to ISFP. oh, my radar also went *beep*beep for enneagram 9. do you know your enneagram?

ps. please tilda, get that icecream out of your mouth. that does not seem very ladylike *tss*tss

@Polly and andrew....sit straight! kids!
Thanks I do get bored, unless it's abstract stuff I feel is somehow grounded in tangential things I'm curious about. I don't know my enneagram and until now I've thought 7w6 or 6w7 or something like that. Thanks for pointing out 9, that never crossed my mind!

Tilda's blood popsickle (it's a promo shot from Only Lovers Left Alive) is not unladylike, she remains a paragon of style and greatness even when eating popsickles in the least graceful way possible. :P

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I agree, ISFP. Welcome! ISFP's are lovely.

One more question: when under stress do you ever become aggressive and critical just to blow off steam and feel in control, like having road rage? (<--inferior Te trait)
Thank you I think I sort of do, I tend to react with extreme stress with anger/becoming critical. I also tend to complain a lot and on the outside it looks as though I'm having a breakdown, even though I'm just blowing off steam and in my head I'm already deciding on what to do and doing it.