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Hello everyone,

As you can see, I'm new here but have been interested in mbti for a while. I'd like to clarify my type once and for all. Hopefully, your objective opinion will help me do that. Any input would be much appreciated.

I have tested infj for the most part, but sometimes I test infp, intj and intp. While I am fairly certain that I'm not a T, I'm open to the possibility. My enneagram is either 6w5 or 5w6 according to the tests I have taken, but I know little about enneagram.

Here are my cognitive functions scores:
Ni excellent 45.3
Ne excellent 39
Fe excellent 36.2
Fi average 28
Ti average 26.9
Te limited 22.9
Si limited 22.8
Se limited 18.9
I know that you get asked this all the time , but I figure its because you like typing people. So, if you're bored it would help a great deal. Thanks, everyone!
INFJ with some ENFP.