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    Default Help me find my type please! :]

    Hello there! :]

    Don't know how to start, I've just joined and I'd like some advice on determining my MBTI type. I've been taking endless MBTI and Jung functions tests, as well as reading numerous type descriptions around the interwebz... and hopelessly failed to determine 'who I really am' :]. Mostly I ended up as INTP/INFP and thought myself to be so, though started to disagree after slowly getting out of being depressed (dysthymia, anhedonia, anyone? ^^) for a long period of time.

    I'll try to describe my personality as objectively as possible, starting from I/E etc.

    I/E: Always thought myself to be an introvert, and I pretty sure might be one too, or as well I may be a shy/socially phobic extrovert?

    I do enjoy socializing with people for the most part. A few times I even started talking to complete strangers (on the train, public transport, etc.) and ended up having interesting conversations, even though I was more of a listener and question asker - maybe it's that I have some sort of 'charisma'. I also noticed that people generally tend to losen up around me, and I seem to earn others' trust quite easily, I also consider myself to be very loyal and 'secret keeper'. My social circle is quite uncommon - I have many individual friends whom I visit/talk to individually and they often never meet.

    Also, I do seem to get along with extroverts more easily than I do with introverts.

    On the other hand, I spend most of my time alone. If I'm surrounded by people for an extended period of time, I really need to be alone for (at least a brief) moment. I remember, when I was ~17, I came from this "high school scientific" student competition/convention, when I spent a few days without being alone and when I came home, I snapped at my mum (whom I almost got into tears) yelling at her that I need to be alone. Also, it seems that I get extremely introverted when depressed, to the point of not leaving my house for a few weeks... but I think that's because of the disease distorting my personality.

    Thirdly, I think I have quite good people management skills, somehow noticing and/or (correctly) guessing each one's talent and nicely arranging it for the good of the team. Although a quiet person in the class, when I lead a group project, I kind of 'felt in my skin', if you catch my drift.

    TL;DR: I like hanging out with people most of the day, but finally need some time alone at the end; living alone in an apartment seems the best option for me (as of now).

    N/S: This has to be the most confusing 'letter' to understand and to choose from. I think, it would be just best if you could (please? :]) ask me questions about these as I can't really describe myself from this point of view.
    But, I got an 'N' each time I did a test. I really enjoy reading about various theories and also inventing them myself (I'm very fond of philosophy, and my dad always calls me a philosopher ^^), but all my theories have to be based on the real world and have to somehow 'improve' the current state of things. It's almost like capturing pure facts (which I find very important) and playing with them in my mind, using patterns and processing them into the future.

    I don't know if this is related, but I do enjoy physical activity and sports, but not for the sake of themselves or a competition - I use them to improve my well-being and physical health. Also I have very good reflexes and always end up as the 'tactician' in team games. I enjoy swimming, weight training and physical sports - martial arts, ice hockey, lacrosse.

    TL;DR: Better ask me specific questions about this one :].

    T/F: I think this is very tricky as well. I used to be very emotional as a kid, but since the age of 15 (had a really bad teen break-up ^^ haha) got cynical and over-analytical over time. Though this has changed lately and learned how to cope with my emotions. Maybe I'm balanced? I'm very empathetic (I had to voluntarily suppress this one as I was slowly getting overwhelmed by others' emotions) but at the same time I tend to value the 'scientific', and/or logical solution to a problem. I consider everyone an equal, not trying to judge the other person, as I tend to value two mottos: "You can't really know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes."
    "Live and let live."

    At times, though, I can be really insensitive and overly logical.

    TL;DR: Ethical and moralistic, but I value cold logic too.

    P/J: I think I'm a perceiver overall, but inclined to action. If I have a goal in mind, I make a large scale plan to how to accomplish it, mostly sticking to it and figuring out the details on the go. In terms of mesiness etc. I like to have my things organized and I throw out things I don't need, being very minimalistic in terms of physical posessions but also being innovative - I like uncommon practical things (life hacks, anyone?). Everything in my PC has to be clearly organized, just as my books, CDs, clothes etc. I like tidy surroundings, though I'm incredibly lazy to keep them so ^^.

    On the other hand, I'm very easygoing in terms of the external world, like when somebody knocks on my door and wants to hang out out of a sudden, I invite him over for a few minutes un.til I'm quickly done with whatever I was doing and off we go. I like seizing opportunities as well as I like having some routine in my life, though I quickly tend to get bored of it.

    So, that's it folks, I know it's a lot of text, but your insight as to what really is my type would be very appreciated. Looking forward to your input!

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    This is the best assessment.

    There are a number of sites where you can take it online.

    Please provide feedback on my Nohari and Johari Window by clicking here: Nohari/Johari

    Tri-type 639

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