Warning this is most likely going to be a TLR post. Also I understand the notion of "For fucks sake AA just get one with it and pick a type already". In any case to continue:

So I have just finished Bioshock Infinite yesterday.

I don't want to spoil the game or it's ending and premise so instead I'll put this link in spoiler tags for those who want to know what I am on about:

But basically the ending was quite fascinating and very interesting. It's not the most original since the theme has been discussed to death many times before, but it was still done in a satisfying way, albeit slightly set on the rules of how it's own universe functions.

How this relates to my type is my own reaction and immediate cognition upon the revelation of this ending. I found myself throughout the game creating theories on how it would turn out based on the tit-bits and evidence given and some of my ideas were right some of them were wrong.

But what I noticed was, after the reveal of the ending, how little I had actually noticed or pieced together. Further more, while I thought I had an ok understanding of this ending and the concepts surrounding it, I found myself looking elsewhere for clarification and information instead of trying to work it out for myself. This made me feel somewhat stupid. I suppose such laziness could be attributed to any type, but I find it plays a part in HOW I wen't about this decision to look for more information.

To put it bluntly, I wasn't at all sure I had understood it and I wanted more clarification, but over time I realised this need for clarification revealed something about my approach to new information. Firstly I had attempted to fit it into an existing framework; this of course worked somewhat since I had encountered such ideas before. But this little helped me in the search for knowledge and comprehension, it only helped me to compare and comparison was useless for this type of idea.

After all as I went about my search it seemed that this was something that could only be understood or explained by those who think in theories and inductive logic.
Two styles I would say I don't think in. I can think in ideas, but I abuse them for useless social humour reasons, instead of adopting them as a way to progress or new invention.

My immediate approach to look for other's opinions suggests an overarching relevance of Fe and my adherence for past comparisons and information appears to indicate Si. So far this is fairly in line with assumptions from some members here and my own past typings.

I basically wanted to check with others on their perspective on this. I would say if I were one of the two types most likely to fit with this, (ISFJ, ESFJ), then of course I would look for others. But then anyone with Fe or even Fi would likely do so. Since if Fi there would be Te to check and reference the evidence and information of others and without solid facts to stand on, others perspectives are as good as anything else, save incredibly sound abilities of self analysis.

I also dreamt some wonderful images after that ending, made reality look somewhat dull once again. Stairs within stairs within choices and coins.