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Interesting. I'll agree, I'm obviously Fi/Te. Like I said, there isn't really an Fe bone in my body. I agree I use Ne, and Si - especially when I'm reminded of things that sent me into my depression. Despite this, I actually have a pretty well developed Se. I love living in the moment, being spontaneous, despite liking structure. I'm very adventurous, and I feel most myself living in the moment. Really, everything is about how you feel in the moment - as long as you feel okay in that moment, nothing else matters.
As for Te vs Fi, I would say Te. Before I even was diagnosed with depression, I wasn't emotional whatsoever. I pushed emotions off like the plague - a sign, possibly, of inferior Fi that is now well developed.
ESTJ and ISTJ are interesting typings. I agree with them, to some extent, but I always sort of thought they were too serious? I like to have fun, I'm very imaginative and creative. They didn't seem particularly adventurous. I've never seen myself as much of a sensor, either. I have so much anxiety about the future, and possibilites, which I always saw as more N.
Also, I have a cousin who is the very definition of an ESTJ. We used to be close, but now, for whatever reason, she hates me. She rolls her eyes at me when I try to have fun, and thinks she's so much more mature and better than me or whatever.
I'm always trying to do something exciting to combat my depression - my main goal in life is to be happy, which is why I'm kind of thinking I actually could be 7w6 over 3w4.
Pushing emotions off like the plague is a 3 trait. It's the center of the feeling triad, therefore it represses feeling.

However, this has nothing to do with the T/F scale, for example, whether you're more Te than Fe. After reading more of your posts, I find that you tend to think of these functions in terms of stereotypes, such as the idea that Fe is an "emotional" type. And then you imply that, since you're not very emotional, then you must be a Thinker. But this is a false argument. Fi-dom can also appear cold and unemotional, especially the INFP.

You say you're Fi/Te with well-developed Se. However, the only way to put that together into a type is to go with ISFP, a warm, gentle, spontaneous, and nature-loving type.