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    Default Classify this kid I went to highschool with

    My gut says that he's an ENFP 7w8, but I'm not sure. He's definitely one of the more interesting people I've met. Here's how I'd describe him:

    -One minute he's very cuddly and acts like a giant teddy bear, blending in seamlessly with the teeny/girly groups (in a very platonic/friend-zoney way, he never really obsessed over getting girls), then the next minute he's domineering and aggressive as hell. He wasn't a fighter at all though. I wouldn't say he was the classic "alpha male" at all, he was just a big dude who was very assertive and confident in himself.

    -He woulds always Te-bitchslapping people and criticizing people's outfits for sh-ts and giggles. He would post on random people's (including my) facebook walls and post things like "stfu n-gger" (he was black) and would get reactive/pushy as hell when someone told him off or criticized him slightly, but you could tell he was just laughing his ass off the whole time. Dude was practically unflappable and uber-confident despite his flaws.

    -He bragged alot about how he's a gentleman unlike most guys and always takes girls on nice dates

    -He loved openly making fun of hoodlums (even though alot of his friends were) by saying sh-t like "all these musty hoodlums spend their welfare checks on jordans, lol, wear something else n-ggers". He was black and would say the N-word with a hard R for "comedic effect"

    -He dressed in sort of a retro, eccentric, hypebeast-ish way. He was also obsessed with collecting sneakers, while at the same making fun of people that also are, claiming he's "better" or "different" from those "hoodlums".

    -He could make friends with anyone in an instance. He could visit a random ass city for a day and instantly make like 10 new friends.

    -He was much more of a "talk the talk" person than an action-oriented person like I'd imagine a Se-dom 7w8 being. He also seemed much more cerebral, "layered" and perceptive and less "what you see is what you get" than the ESFP 7s I've known.

    -He loved doing weird obnoxious homo-erotic sh-t like grabbing people's asses and wiggling his tongue at people who looked at him

    -He loved annoying people and saying things like "lemme put it in your butt" at random times. With some people he'd go too far and push people's specific buttons while laughing about it, but he never got into physical altercations and the vast majority of people liked him. If you don't provoke him, he's usually just a very silly dude with boundary issues, he'll only hit you where it hurts if you insult him first.

    What do you think?

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    He was like this except with more of an upbeat voice

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