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    Default The Mastermind Healer - Torn between INTJ & INFP

    Hi there! =D

    When I was a freshman in high school, I tested as an INTJ. As a junior or senior, I re-tested and came out an INFP. Over the next couple years I tested myself a few more times, and as I always got INFP, I figured that was my type and stuck with it.


    The other night, I re-tested myself just for kicks. Aaand out came an INTJ result.

    o.o Wat.

    So now I'm confused. I've looked up descriptions for both types and... to a certain extent, I fit both of them. And, also to a certain extent, I don't fit both of them. I'm not (typically) as emotionally reactive as most INFPs are described, nor am I (typically) as cold and uncaring as most INTJs are described. But I do have my moments for each. I can identify with both this: INTJ Central: The Compleat Idiot’s Guide to the INTJ and this: You Know You're an INFP When... . My mind analyzes as it wanders - and it wanders a lot. I can get into very fun, random, interesting hypothetical conversations with my INTP bff that go absolutely nowhere, and then want to bang my head against the wall when she can't make up her mind (I still love her though C=). I love thinking up new possibilities that may or may not be physically possible, but I also love creating systems and finding solutions to problems that actually work. When I have a day to myself I either don't plan at all or fail to follow the plan I made, but if I'm doing something with others I very much prefer a definite (yet adaptable) plan of action - and so help anyone who doesn't follow that plan without communicating first. And to top it all off, I want to be both a bestselling inspirational "science-fantasy" author (and use that book as a means to help others heal and find joy) and an astrophysicist (because I long to know how the universe works).

    GAH! What AM I already??

    The best way I can make sense of all this is that I use the TJ's analytical, "will this work?" mentality to help further the FP's idealistic goals.

    Sooo, what do you think? Am I a TJ or FP? Or something inbetween?

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    Well, I can't say (nor do I have any knowledge to say anything)... but you also give sparse information so it makes it even harder lol. ...So yeah, I am of no use...

    So how do you think you experience Ne (or Ni ...if you can explain that xD)? How do you perceive your thoughts? Do you feel like you have to throw them around in your head (or with someone else) to understand your thoughts/emotions/whatever? I don't know if this will help you, but ....yeah.

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    Been there, and (as much as I ever can) settled on yes to Ni/Te/Fi/Se, but yes to F as well, which makes an SFP.

    How sure are you of your introversion?

    I's and E's aside, is the first face you greet information with perceiving or judging, in the functional sense? If you can't tell, lurk in some non-typology discussions. Ji dominance makes itself quite distinct. I can't explain how, but you'll get it if you do this.
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