I'm not one to claim that anybody is a pure type or an exemplary type. Although I am Ti dominant - by the demands of persona when interacting with the (external) world - within, I am really some kind of intuitive visionary.

What I see in my vision is a man, shackled, held against his will in the 19th century, during a time when medical science was just beginning to regard mental illness as medically treatable. There were, however, no valuable techniques and the causes of mental illness were still speculative. Treatment plans were barbaric, anti-psychotic medications were unavailable.

The man in my vision starts out as borderline psychotic. He was imprisoned in a mental institution for observation and medical learning purposes. As the days and weeks go by, his cage becomes smaller to him, his shackles become shorter, and his keepers begin to appear more and more demonic.

In certain circumstances, the beast within us all begins to rage out of control. The shadow arises and the persona is buried completely. The body is shackled, but the mind is freed of the shackles of all variety of civilization. Every animal, by its nature, desires freedom.


This isn't a post of a personal nature, my vision was only the result of having a prison show going on tv in the background, and being on a psychological forum at the same time, as well as the fact that, internally, I am a visionary.