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    Question What type is this contradictory person?

    I am curious of what type (MBTI and/or Enneatype) a girl is, all based on one conversation, at a party.

    Everybody was sitting around a table in the living room. She had been silent all night, and caught my interest due to her thoughtful appearance. I observed her for a while. She eventually noticed me watching her, but still said nothing. I asked her her name, and once most of the other people went to a different room, I asked her several questions, mostly pertaining to her perception of me. It was all just a test. I wanted to see what she would reveal about herself in doing so.

    This was our conversation: (I won't include all of it)

    Me:"Who am I?"
    Her: "I don't have enough information."
    Me: "Who am I"? (again)
    Her: "I don't have enough information."
    Me: "What information do you want?"
    Her: "Whatever information you think is most important in defining yourself."

    I didn't give her any information.

    Her: "Why are you asking me?"
    Me: "I am asking you questions about me, because how you answer will tell me things about you."
    Her: "And if I don't answer?"
    Me: "If I leave tonight without knowing, it will torment me."
    Her: "Any answer I give you will be baseless."

    I tried to stare into her eyes the entire time. She went along with it for some duration. The conversation took a long time despite how little was said, because she would break eye contact in between questions, and be silent for a while before answering.
    Despite her staring into my eyes throughout, she alternated between seeming open and stone-cold.
    I felt that there was a lot more going on in her eyes than what her words (didn't?) reveal. Not romantically, necessarily, but it just seemed like there was a lot of depth she was incapable of or unwilling to share, and that's why I care enough to write all of this and ask strangers, I guess.

    TL; DR version:

    She was aloof, very quiet, and precise and articulate when she actually did speak. Her eyes were very intense.
    She did not respond well to my inquiry, and closed off completely at the end of our conversation. For the whole party, she was distant, made no attempt to interact with others, and except when I talked to her, read on her Kindle. She didn't say anything specifically about it, but her tone of voice and body language suggested that she found my questions silly and overly emotional/dramatic.

    I'm guessing IXTP, 5(w6?) Sorry if it is too long. What do you think?

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    INTP sounds plausible.

    INFJ/P might fit, too. (e5 or wing 5? I dunno)

    Depending on my own desire for indepth interaction at the time, or how much I feel someone might be trustworthy, I may respond in a more Ti/evasive way to queries like this. Sometimes it's just entertaining, & tells me more about the other person, when I fail to meet their expectations. I can be resistant to direct prying like this/keep up a poker face. I've had exchanges almost identical to what you've described. But I've also witnessed the same exchanges at gatherings between my INTP friend & another person.

    Other types could fit, too, of course.
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    I don't have enough information.
    Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what, so is my money.

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    I think if I was in her place I would be freaked out at the interrogation and become standoffish, trying to figure out your Fe motives, which is what she seemed to do. So INTP is likely.

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    both of you are contradictory
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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