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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Arendee View Post
    Neither am I.

    Remember, E8's fear is "of being harmed or controlled." To me, the biggest way this manifests is how judgemental I am around new people. If its someone who is going to disrespect me or turn on me, I cut them out of my life forever. (This is actually a learned trait I've only implementented about 6 months ago.) Its not that I'm in peoples' faces screaming at them all the time aggression, its just that my actions are aggressive in themselves. I make absolute decisions.

    It comes in other ways. Compared to my E3 business partner, I'm a very cautious and paranoid individual. He's an ENFJ 3, and he trusts everyone in business and just says, "LETS DO THIS! HOORAY BUSINESS!" While I am telling him to slow the fuck down and I'm reminding him constantly that 90% of people in business will screw you over and you need to tread carefully.
    Well to be fair, your partner IS an ENFJ... they're less paranoid and better with people generally.

    With new people I can be judgmental but I keep my judgments to myself. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt because I want to see them unfold over time.

    I used to make absolute decisions, but then I learned that it turns people off. What I usually do is to tell them what I prefer, and then if that doesn't happen it's alright, there are other alternative available (usually it's me that propose them). I find that I change my mind way too often and I recognize that people would too... so yeah.
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    It's like... I need a visual reference to base something off.
    Well I'm also a very visual person. That doesn't really tell me much.

    Depends; usually when I act it's always been thought through -- the consequences, the result, etc
    This isn't ESTP. An ESTP acts first and asks questions later.

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