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    Default ENTJ exceptions at Big Consulting Firm

    I've worked (as external staff but for almost a year) for a big american consultancy firm whose culture is notoriously ENTJ,
    at their US+NorthEU offices.

    there is one character trait that I'm curious about, because I didn't expect that from an ENTJ type.

    I expected ENTJs to be always dressed impeccably, somehow "posh", somehow "elitist".

    What I found out is that these guys are completely CASUAL, couldnt care less about their "style", let alone "brands".
    Especially OUT OF THE JOB, where they didnt have to wear their black suits.
    That shocked me. Seeing them in sneakers and shorts was not what I expected.
    I expected more an "IVY LEAGUE" style, you know what I mean.

    At last is their "family time" habits that struck me a lot.
    They couldnt care less to go to a posh reastaurant or an expensive luxury shop.
    Nothing worng with that, but I expected the opposite from an ENTJ, since they are so perfectionists at everything they touch (on the job).

    It's kind of "I don't give damn about my "social" reputation - so I don't care about my clothes a lot"

    Just to make an example, one of the top guys in this organization, ENTJ at DNA, is always showing, under his black suit, a POLAR WATCH, becouse that is the watch he uses when he goes running every morning. He could afford the best Omega or TAG, but he just wears what is "functional"

    Are these traits that you recognize in all ENTJs ?
    I expected them to be much more elitist also in appearance and personal habits.

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    Dunno, I'm just like you describe. I don't see what I would have to gain from dressing to "impress" in my private life?

    Posh restaurants: usually overpriced and the portions are just too small, although I do like to eat in a nice atmosphere and buy good wine.
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    I've always found lady ENTJs to be a lot more stylish than their male counterparts ... but even they like to sit around in their jammies when they're at home.

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    That's what I meant.
    I didn't find in these ENTJ-certified guys one oz. of "being stylish", and that impressed me because I expected the exact opposite.
    They just don't care about that.
    (so who are the stylish?)

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    I haven't known too many ENTJs, just 2 I can really pin down. But they were extremely casual. Most NTs in general are I think. They might brag about fancy stuff, but most of the time it's something silly like.... bragging about the burger or cheesesteak they just bought at a notorious joint, or the cache of fancy alcohol they have. Both of these folks I'm thinking of are computer geeks though.
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    I add another traint, that I didnt expect from ENTJs

    When they are called to describe their job, they are NOT the type who lists you all their achievement,
    they are even HUMBLE in describing their job.

    A real example:
    one of these guys at this consultancy firm few months ago left and landed a top job at a big manufacturer company.
    We were buddies on the weekends for sports reason and I happened to call him a few weeks ago.
    In describing his new position, that I knew to be a "C-level" one, he didn't use any title, didn't even described his (high) role
    he just told me "we make refrigerators" - which is true, but it's a really humble description of his present position at the company

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    Look at your reaction. They've clearly impressed you. They do care about how they come across - they just don't act on it in hamfisted ways such as flashing an expensive "timepiece", wearing a power suit in the weekend or eating breakfast at a Michelin-star restaurant. They've probably all done those things once before, and then moved on.
    The guy who was promoted is probably showing real humility, though.

    They = These specific people you've mentioned, not all ENTJs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmileyMan View Post
    The guy who was promoted is probably showing real humility, though.
    They = These specific people you've mentioned, not all ENTJs.
    I'm sure the humility is real.
    I just didn't think humility could be an ENTJ character trait.

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    Infinite Bubble


    Most of what you described is just some ENTJ stereotypes and they aren't going to apply to all of them. Remember that it's about the functions that are used, rather than outward behavior (although there will be patterns, of course). Also, how are you sure they are even ENTJs?

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    I feel like the things described in the OP were very Fe-sounding. I'll admit that I like nice shit and nice restaurants and all that jazz, but it's not generally because I'm trying to impress someone. I just like things which are the best.

    That said, generally speaking, I'm ENTJ and could give two shits about how I come off to someone. Unless how I'm taken will somehow make me less effective in achieving...whatever. The only times I ever dress up is when I'm trying to make a point. Otherwise it's t-shirts, sneakers and cargo pants for the kid.

    In terms of my accomplishments, I'm genuinely not the kind to share those. It's not so much humility as that, honestly, I've got perspective on what I'm capable of and know that it's not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. I'm never so impressed by what I've done as what I might do next. Getting too caught up in the past just has a way of killing your drive. Ask one of your coworkers what they're current project is. I'm sure the same guy that would demure at talking about his resume will take two seconds to wade knee deep into explaining his current project.
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