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    Default Type my friend...possible ENFJ?

    He took a test one time and said he was one letter away from ESFJ. I' was thinking ENFJ. I'munsure about the N/S and a little unsure about the J. I feel like he fits as Dominant Fe but I thought that Fe doms were concerned with social expectations and standing.

    Any thoughts?

    Some information

    -studied film and sociology , particularly likes french new wave films
    -very active (caving, climbing, skateboarding, slack lining ect.) but definitely doesn't give off a jock or athletic vibe
    - Lots of hobbies. Photography (developing own film), multi-nstrumentalist.
    - Tends to be unkept but stylish.
    - Can be very abrasive and confrontational. Direct and face paced. Doesn't hold back opinions. Expresses almost anger about dealing with passive aggressive or emotionally repressive people
    - Somewhat sensitive about people not responding to messages/not including him
    - Open to talking to new people.Generally wants everyone doing interesting things and enjoying themselves.
    - Has said he "doesn't feel shame". Will bring up off color topics
    - Has said he feels compelled to talk to others and make friends so as not to be alone with own thoughts
    - Enjoys debating, not diplomatic. Can be very critical.
    -Not good with money.
    - Didn't do well in high school but is smart
    - Prefers monogamous long term relationships but claims commitment problems. Expresses doubt about marriage but also describes self as believing "Love conquers all".
    - prefers partners to be be independent. Thinks he would make a great father
    - Describes self as "extremely spiritual" Christian but dislikes churches and doesn't think of heaven as a place. Drawn to kirekegraadian ideas of christianity and personal religion. self describes his religion as "unstructured"
    - has a childlike side. Really enjoys animation and cartoons.
    - has a particular interest in blues and blues like music such as Ponsori
    - Not very structured. Stays up very late, sleeps very little.
    - Rebellious streak. Doesn't harmless but discouraged things like trespassing, smoking, smoking weed
    - Not really political
    - EATS EVERYTHING.....will raid other people's fridges and cabinets without asking. Very frustrating and I'm never seen anyone so entitled to other people's food. i think it ties in to not really understanding how money works.

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    Come oonnnnnn. I thought you guys loved this stuff?

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