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    A good way to tell an N from an S is to pose this question; If I'm driving a car at the speed of light, and I turn on the headlights, what will happen?

    An S will give you a dirty look and tell you that would be impossible.

    An N will most times humor you long enough to ask what kind of warranty comes with a light-speed car.
    I'm doing science and I'm still alive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Linguist View Post
    Okay, here's how I work...

    I'll organize things just because I know I am such a hair-brained idiot who is so absent-minded that I will lose all my stuff if I don't. Necessary evil.

    So Sunday, my desk is neat. Everything is in its place, and I can find everything. Schweeeet.

    Then comes Monday. Okay, I try my best to keep my resolution to keep everything in place.

    Come Tuesday, I have to hurry. Can't be bothered. Start putting things in neat piles.

    Then Thursday. Pile is so high, I have to make other piles.

    Friday. Couldn't care a damn. I just put things anywhere.

    Saturday comes. I say, "MAN, I DID IT AGAIN." Crap. My all over the place.

    Then I might, maybe, clean it up again on Sunday because I start losing stuff again.

    Okay, I must be a dim-witted moron. Seriously.
    Here's a type explanation. Organizing uses the Sensing function, so it's actually a form of rest and recovery after a big week of making those piles to feed the Intuitive function. It feels good, and shuts down Intuition like a good nap, readying you for the next week. I do it all the time.

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