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    Quote Originally Posted by Poimandres View Post
    INFP 5w4 Sx/Sp, because you live in a bubble.
    I dont know a lot about enneagram yet, but i think i am 6w5 because usually my dessisions are (personal, mostly about future) fear based. E.g i am scared of ending up childless, so i would rather marriage without love than ending up like this. Okay, that is not the best example. This school year i idled and procastinated like crazy (i 'realised' that there is no point in anything, so i decided to not do anything and go against the rules. I was really depressed and saw no point in everything... ech now i see that it was a really dumb 'dessision')... 2 weeks ago i started to think and actually got scared that if i dont learn i wont be able to choose a proffesion i want/ it will cost a lot and how dumb/ crazy/ungratheful my 'dessision' was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubi2cube View Post
    So, Ns dont like nature, wind and pizzas? I like biking because is helps to clean my thoughts and because of wind. Nature is beauty and relaxation. I love LOVE spring because everything seems and feels so beautiful and warm Anddd i always loved food. Way too much i quess- i was deep in eating disorders because i loved food AND wanted to be thin and attractive at the same time.

    I dont think i am a sensor because: i dont like talking about events, what happened at the past (BUT i like talking about emotional events and people), hate small talk...i see it as pointless and boring. Still, i'd rather talk about nothing than listen to awkward silence. I love to discuss, listen to different opinions about philosophy, views, religion- that is my thing...
    Hands on experience- physical stuff dont interest me. My coordination is also sooo bad. When i attented step classes i literally felled everytime when i needed to do spins. I dont really enjoy sports- just occantionally, mostly when feeling overwhelmed and 'use sports just to burn off some cal. I dont notice things around me and bump into objects quite usually.
    I work in bursts of energy and hate routine. I feel very unhappy when stuck in rut.
    I search universal principles that can be used in a lot of situations.

    Why i may be sensor: because i want other people directness (no sugar coat too), i quess i live in 'here and now' (well, actually i dont feel like living 'now' or 'in the future'- i just live...) I like familiarity a lot. When needed to supress material from e.g someone's biography i write statements, very concrete (not paragraphs). Also i use gestures and my face reacts according to my emotions.
    Yes, you're right, it's not that intuitives DON'T like nature, food, biking etc., its just that they might not notice or LIST these things as particularly enjoyable unless someone points it out to them that they are .... if that makes sense.

    Your reasons as to the possibility of being an intuitive seem to be more evidence that you are a perceiver - especially that of a feeling perciever (so, Fi, introverted feeling). Searching for universal principles, working in bursts of energy, not liking being stuck in a rut, living in the here and now. Also liking talking about emotional events and people more than 'stuff'.
    Loving to discuss, however, is a very N characteristic and not so much an S, I think - soooo, I think it is VERY likely that you are an INFP. The desire for people to be direct and not sugar coat does not necessarily suggest a Thinking preference - it can also be a sign of super sensitive Fi not wanting to have any grey areas bugging her The fact that your face reacts immediately according to your emotions suggests an emotional response which is likely, again, to be Fi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salad View Post
    well hello ther

    you english look prety good from whear im' standing.

    as for you type, i think intp
    But you don't know what ENTP means?

    Shocking lack of consistency. Definitely Ne dom/Si inferior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotini View Post
    But you don't know what ENTP means?

    Shocking lack of consistency. Definitely Ne dom/Si inferior.
    I also think Ne dom. Hmm. Ti for wanting proofs and not all fantasies.

    when i was a kid i had social anxiety, nobody understood me and i avoided communication at all costs
    Maybe being a kid with early Ne. And perhaps because of Ne that u think no one understands you and they think you're weird.

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