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Thread: ENTX?

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    Default ENTX?

    A few weeks ago some of my friends and I were hanging out and the topic of MBTI personality types came up. Since we weren't do anything at the time, we all took tests and afterwards I started asking everyone what they're type was. One of my best friends is having trouble with MBTI. He says he tests as an INTP. He thinks the I is justifiable on the basis he feels the need to be alone more often then he feels the need to be around others, but we both agree that he loves talking to people. He's also very charming and everybody likes him, so I think he's actually extroverted. He's also definitely an NT, so we've tentatively narrowed down his types to ENTP or ENTJ. I was wondering what kind information we need (or questions we need to ask) to figure out what type he is. He's very concerned about his answers being biased, which is why I'm doing this for him.


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    I'm not sure why enjoying the company of others, or being charming would necessarily discount someone as being an introvert. A good preliminary question to ask your friend is whether he finds his interactions with people or the time he spends alone recharge him more. If you're certain he's E rather than I, then the second question to ask him would be how does he approach a problem. Does he tend to be more engaged by the process itself, or the creation of an end result? What about that aspect of problem solving appeals to him?
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    One of the most obvious ways to determine this is by organization, I think. Is their room usually not just clean but organized? Do they prefer structure or general guidelines? Do they they prefer the answer more than the actual figuring out thereof? Let me clarify though, it is possible to be a perfectionist without being organized. Perfectionism has little to do with overall structure; it involves focus on specific details and the need to get them right. I myself could be called a perfectionist but definitely not organized. Also, people who are J tend to prefer traditional ways of doing things.

    One of the hallmarks of being an ENTP is how comically unique they are. My baby sister is this way, and it is always fun to just watch her, just to see what she'll do next. I don't have any examples of ENTJ on hand, but they're supposedly the leader type.

    I also agree with Wind-Up Rex about the introversion vs. extraversion. I am pretty comfortable in social situations. My more introverted friend is even better in them, and can be very charming. I think you are confusing introversion with shyness, though it is true that they tend to go hand in hand.

    ALSO, I just remembered that I've read in some places that INTJ's almost always test borderline INTP, because they are the very least organized of the organized types. Chances are your friend is indeed INTJ, because he is having trouble telling which he is.

    Hope this helped.

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