Pretty sure about ENP but still open to suggestions o_O l once considered ENFJ but am simply not that nice(giving) and Fe is nt my dominant function.

But l do have trouble determining if l use Fi or Fe.

Analyzing the functions individually is easier, l can check them off as ''me, NOT me'' pretty quickly. When l think about how they work in conjunction, things get confusing. l'm just beginning with cognitive functions so excuse me if some of this sounds a little misinformed ^_^

So, Ti. At first l definitely thought it could be my second function because l keep my thoughts to myself. But could something like this happen, say l'm really keeping my feelings to myself and confusing them with my thoughts(because they are technically lol), and using Te to communicate when necessary.

l can't really tell the difference between the way l would use Ti or Fi, l do have internal value judgments though that l rarely share which seems to point toward Fi.

As far as possible tertiary Te, l don't learn by discussing things with people or debating, l do best to learn independently and classify things internally which seems like Ti.

Otherwise the types are so similar l could go either way. l don't try to determine these things with simple stereotypes but if l were doing so, l'd say l don't fit the Sunshine and Rainbows ENFP profile. But l also don't always fit the ZOMG EXPLODING CATS COVERED IN LOLLERSAUCE IM SO AWESOME TOUCH ME NOW ENTP thing, though sometimes l do (this could apply to either type though).

So you can see why l don't really count on these t determine anything lol.

l've been called insensitive by some ENFPs but that' to be expected, l'm sure some other ENFPs have been too. l sometimes think l'm a little soft around ENTPS, but l have to account for the under 20 ''l'm so awesome, cold and calculating that my mom and psychiatrist think l'm a sociopath but it's all good LAWL''crowd.

Another thing l've wondered about is the way the functions develop, could it happen at very different ages for some people? l felt more idealistic as a teenager which is natural, but say that l actually was an ENFP and when the Te developed l simply started to feel more rational and analytic.

l wasn't completely lacking in those skills beforehand and was into some technical things as a child but have never been a master logician and am not terribly interested in 'how' technical things works(although l am a CIS major and do well in school lol)