I've been trying to figure out my type, and I've heard that having a better idea of your inferior helps a lot. I'll just jump right in to what I can relate to out of three inferior functions I am considering ATM.

Fe: I can relate because: When someone is being rigid, illogical, or just not making sense to me; I dissagree with them, and when they react negatively towards it, I can get annoyed, and even very pissed off, depending on the severity of the reaction. I detach myself, and am not myself in stressful situations, either relating to external things or certain things going on with me, like personal issues or depression. When I get really pissed off, I can become destructive. I smash things, and I used to cause self harm when I was an early adolescent (like biting my arms really hard). This usually manifests at home. I am slowly becoming more and more emotional (even though I could be emotional as a kid, but it usually related to fustration), crying more often, and even in situations where crying doesn't apply. (although, crying usually is the result of internal thoughts, worries, and stressors). When I am passionate about something, it is usually all or nothing, emphasized to at times, an extreme. Example: if I really love someone (romantically, usually), I would do so much for them, make exceptions for them, and bend over backwards for them, even to the point of re-considering and twisting my own thoughts and even dismissing logic! I had a strong desire to fit in with groups in the past, and still do, but it used to be more extreme; I even went into an "internal chameleon" mode and made myself out to be more like my peers at one point, so I could fit in and be like the people I admired, and desired to fit in with. I sometimes tend to laugh when others are laughing, even if the cause of external laughter isn't even that funny.

Te: I have a fear of incompetence, and when I feel incompetent, I have really dark, and at times, irrational thoughts about myself. I can be a perfectionist on task. I used to apologize in situations where I did nothing wrong. Sometimes when I'm mad, I can be harsh on others. (I don't know if this applies, but I can become rigid when I am anxious, in terms of thoughts and sometimes making decisions).

Se: I may overprepare for something negative I may anticipate (I have a phobia of loud noises, so during thunderstorms I would cover my ears in case a loud strike would crash; while I don't do this anymore I still fear a crash). I binge eat when I'm bored. I may watch viral videos or play video games to distract myself from my problems. I've also been slightly anxious towards the external world, and even being on my own. A part of me expects the worst, and thinks people are against me in some ways, or think I'm worthless.

If any of what I described doesn't match the inferior functions I posted, let me know. Feedback would be appreciated!