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    Default Type the authors of these writings....

    Person 1.

    Choices …..every action provokes a reaction, as Newton’s law says. Therefore, it should be logical that whatever we may do will reflect, more or less in our future, a future that is very fickle and changeable. Should you change your mind and make a step left, maybe a car will fall from the skies directly into your head. Should you make a step right, maybe a pot of flowers will fall from a balcony directly into your head. Should you stay on the right spot, than you’ll meet the love of your life and live happily ever after. But mostly, the important decision, such a choosing a university or a job are considered the relevant ones for your future-house. The future-house is, maybe, an uninspired choice of name and even theme, but the close-minded one do consider that the only thing that affects your future-house, mainly, are these choices. However, I believe, on the other hand that choosing your route to school one day can be the most important thing ever (as seeing the bigger picture) .
    But, what if there is no such thing?? What if, inspite of what every normal person would believe, that there is no such thing as destiny, that our lives were not established before we were born, destiny or fate, whatever you may call it, is for real?? Maybe there is truly a divine force controlling all humankind and it’s destiny… Maybe we are all tiny puppets and we can’t even notice the strings that pull us tight?? Maybe it was their desire to make us believe that we decide for ourselves, just for a little amusement. There is an unlimited amount of theories conecerning this, and the best part is that anyone can choose to believe anything.
    However, one thing is certain. Us people, with our limited possibilities and power, are destroying our planet, who stood for billions of years until humanity arose. It is stupid of us to treat our planet so terribly, but, hey, after all, is it not humane to mistake?? All of this being said, I can only conclude with some lyrics from a very nice song I know :
    “ There it was.
    The final destiny.
    A sunrise that never came,
    still the night lamp that never faded away. “

    Person 2.
    And so I stand between a sore step and a search deep within the wild lands of my kitchen.Today, every place seems some kind of battelfield (light smell of cigarette in my head, while my thoughts are scattered around it-and an acheing that dresses my movements).
    I find the paracethamol between a Terry Pratchett book and an open window.I realize I still need water although it seems tasteless - geez, painkillers can be troublesome.
    ...Good old paracethamol, immaculate and round-just like time and space, with no end and no beginning.The same time and space that tells each one of us must end and begin someday.It’s in the laws of nature.Hah.Probably every little thing could have a book on its own.A history book;in the end what are we but books that begin and end somewhere?But you don’t read a book just for its end, just like you don’t live only to die.You live, therefore you probably have a goal, even though the goal could be living itself. So you live for the present; and you live for the future.``
    My head is burning.
    Den was the king of his lands.Smart and kind and everybody loved him.But how many people are happy with what they already have;especially if they’re kings. Den longed for a thing he couldn’t even understand;and so at night staring into the void, outside his window, his mind started to ripple.”I shall search” he hissed.
    He commenced his search. At first he came across a ground torn apart as if 1,000 years old, man after man tried to escape death by fleeing their way into it. He stood by one side gleaming into what seemed a hole. A short gasp, an abrupt movement .Then he jumped.
    The voice echoed: “What do you want?”. This thrust a thorn through his stomach…
    He jumped because he indeed wanted something;But he didn’t know what yet;He was a worthy ruler, and loved his land more than everything;he had what a man could possibly want.”Except for one thing”;

    Person 3.
    An architect is in many aspects a creator: through their work, buildings are constructed. They also have the prerogatives of a creator, the most important of which is control over the details of their creation. In the case of architects, this control is exerted on the drawing paper whereon their project takes shape. Thus, by extension, and with the exception of some restrictions, an architect has full control over the particulars of their project. After all, they are the one blamed if the structure is unsightly and praised if it grows to be prepossessing.
    In a manner of speaking, every person is an architect. We all are responsible, through our actions, for the outcome of an edifice, not a tangible one, but an edifice nonetheless: our lives. In some cases, this turns out to be an elegant mansion, in others, a glamorous skyscraper and in some, a derelict house. In most situations, however, the result is a comfortable cottage, neither too large, nor too small.
    The view that through our actions, we control our outcome is sustained by numerous literary works. Firstly, we have Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, wherein a small boy born in a hostile environment manages to surpass all the obstacles on the way towards a happy life by virtue of his extraordinary kindness and honesty; Henri Charriere’s Papillon, Eiji Yoshikawa’s Musashi, Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe are other books in which extraordinary characters do extraordinary deeds that enable them to overcome their difficult situations.

    ***all of them have agreed being posted on this site and all the texts have been shortened.

    So, what do you think their types are?

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    There's no way to type these authors... every assumption made leaves another possibility in its wake... the simplest choice involves taking editorial statements, statements ostensibly reflective of the author's feelings, like:

    1) However, one thing is certain. Us people, with our limited possibilities and power, are destroying our planet, who stood for billions of years until humanity arose. It is stupid of us to treat our planet so terribly, but, hey, after all, is it not humane to mistake??

    There's judgment, a clear-set system of moral values, all earlier arguments regarding determinism and destiny left open-ended, unresolved, and abandoned for a clear statement of "fact" (according to the author)... we're sinners and idiots.. could we infer an F and J-type? Or maybe it's an ENTP just mimicking the thought processes of an imagined, say, INFJ? I mean, one could do a by-the-book analysis and be completely off-track by saying this reads like an INFJ speaking (which it does to me): INFJ first lays out some arguments she finds reflective of NT thinking and then comes down to brass tacks, the world as she knows it... or it's an ENTP or other sort of Perceiver... so many combinations...

    so I leave 2 and 3 sinking into the ambiguities built into their foundations...
    Madman's azure lie: a zen miasma ruled.

    Realize us, Madman!

    I razed a slum, Amen.


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    Are there right answers to this thing?
    I'm gonna guess here, with no real reasons for anything, just the kind of feel I get from it. Heh.
    1: intp
    2: infj
    3: entj (??)

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    My quick guesses,

    1. INFP
    2. ISTP. Or maybe ENTP.
    3. INTJ
    Extraversion (52%) ---- Introversion (48%)
    Sensing (26%) ---- iNtuition (74%)
    Thinking (16%) ---- Feeling (84%)
    Judging (5%) ---- Perceiving (95%)

    9w1 so/sx/sp

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    Eh. All of these writings are so purposely stylized. It's pretty hard to determine a cognitive function from something that seeks to convince or entertain.

    Fairly random guesses:

    1. INFP
    2. ESFJ (Would an ESFJ have a Terry Prachett book? I don't know any ESFJs, so I won't rule it out.)
    3. ISTJ

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    based on the style, not the content.

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    Vague First Impressions:

    1. INTP
    2. ISFP? Maybe?
    3. ISTJ

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    soo.....does anyone have any more suggestions before i reveal the "great" mystery?

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