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    Quote Originally Posted by Candlelight View Post
    Seems like it, and makes sense for a great part.

    But one doubt: this great amount of Si I have may suppress some of the SP characteristics making me seem SJ-ish sometimes, right?

    Many things about some profiles are rather stereotypical, but how much it's true about things like "liking to practice radical sports", or "difficulties with theorical understanding"? My brother is an ISFP and I have an IxTP friend and it doesn't sound true at all. The truth is that we prefer theories with practical application, just it.
    For what it's worth, I still wonder if I'm some SJ (ISTJ) after a few years of being pretty familiar with MBTI. More than likely not, but there's enough to raise questions.

    As for theories, ISTPs would be more like experimenters, learning a lot by doing. That isn't to say they don't understand theory. They'd understand a lot of theory implicitly, depending on their skill level. A musician who learns by ear or a mechanic spending all of his time with engines would still know a lot of the theories that make those fields tick, even if he or she doesn't explicitly talk about them in a bookish way.

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    Hmm, I see. Thanks for the insight.
    Not a native English speaker. I will make some mistakes.

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    ISxJ is the most consistent pattern in your results..... I would guess ISFJ. You may be some form of ESxP too.

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