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    Default Please help me find my type :)


    I have been trying to figure out my type for a really long time but every time I learn something new, I become more uncertain >_< so please help me. First of all, I am a teenage girl so I'm not sure how balanced my functions are and I have had life circumstances which forced certain ways of thinking and feeling.*
    ** Im not really sure if I'm an introvert or extrovert. I used to be *shy and worked on my social skills, however the social anxiety still remains and I feel like I'm isolated from the rest of my peers. I really love my time alone and never ever bored by myself. The thing is I don't really mind socializing and being in a crowd feels fine. I can be really social if I feel like it and I think I secretly enjoy the attention. I also love to go to parties and adventures with an adrenaline rush. Most of the time after talking, I feel really bad but I think that's because I feel misunderstood and like talking to me is just an "obligation." A lot of the things my friends laugh and talk about seem boring or pointless, or like I can't relate to it. I can really only talk about things I know about or interested in. I also think I wear a social mask, telling jokes and always smiling along with everybody, for some reason I take being called weird as a compliment because I feel like I'm the only one without my unique personality. One of my beginner "MBTI" friends typed me as an ESTP but when I take tests it usually ends up being introverted.
    **Wow, the I intuition vs sensing concept is really confusing for me because even though I thought I knew what intuition was, but now I'm not even sure what judging functions are. Si makes sense to me because sometimes I get flashbacks immediately after looking at an item or event, or is this just memory? I guess Se makes sense too..although I'm not very observant of my surroundings and putting me into a constantly changing situation is really nerve wrecking, I really like to observe and contemplate before doing so whenever I'm in a situation where I have to go with my gut it doesn't feel natural. Ne vs ni..I really don't know about these functions because ni is described as "paradoxical" and maybe the ones with ni will be able to
    tell. Also I'm not sure if this is ne, but I the reason I prefer not to talk is because I have so many possibilities of what to say and how to say it that I don't know what to pick, everything will lead to different paths and I believe in fate..sometimes. Either this or my mind is's never like " oh I know exactly what to say. "
    **Thinking or feeling I'm not sure about either..argh. Ok so even though I make decisions by first looking at pros and cons, I always feel guilty about effecting that one person, no matter who. Te, Ti, Fe, Fi..ok so I think I use Fe more than Fi because my feeling and worries are about other people, and I don't usually know how I feel about something.*
    ** Well, I'm not sure if I'm a perceived or judger either >_< grr. So most of the time people who have everything always planned out without flexibility bother me. It also bugs me when my plans are interrupted..but then I'm happy that maybe a new opportunity will come along. I'm really organized and keep a schedule. However, I procrastinate like crazy and usually end up enjoying something instead of doing my work. I'm indecisive unless it's something I'm really sure about. And I'm not really spontaneous but take every new opportunity possible, or at least the beneficial ones. Also people who are always "ok so we will do this like this and then after that..and next year" seem like their making themselves miserable by worried about things which will happen eventually anyways. I'm sitting just enjoying the peace and a certain family member is telling me about all the things we have to do later and worrying about worst case scenarios..all the time.*
    ** So if that helps identify my type at all I will be really happy thank you to all those who took the time to read this and help me

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    ESxP + If someone you knew was having a bad day & complaing about some petty relationship problem BS would you honestly care what they have to say, or would you want to be 1000's of miles away from the person? Also... What do you think about sinks?

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