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    Default Am I a 7w8 or an 8w7?

    I am having some issues figuring out if I'm a 7w8 or an 8w7, I have tested as both and felt the 7 fit me much better though I do remember wanting to be the 8 instead. Recently I have been dealing with some issues in life that have caused me to drop about 20 pounds and needless to say I am not being myself, in MBTI I would simply say I've been behaving more like a manic version of my shadow type (ISFJ). As a result the people closest to me in my life are noticing some behavior changes such as me being more controlling and aggressive (I see it more as a struggle to be tolerant of their inability to bow down to my superior knowledge but as an ENTP I would). Looking back at the past 4 months, these issues are the manifestation of me feeling more emotionally exposed than I'm comfortable with (which already isn't much) and the result is that I'm feeling unsafe in areas I'm used to not having to deal with. I'm wondering if that's and age are causing me to look more like an 8 than a 7 or if I've always been an 8, I know that I don't relate deeply with any of my ETJ friends that are 8s nor my ENTP 8 friend (I know 1).

    I have always been the classic picture of an ENTP when it comes to experimenting, challenging the system, pushing the established rules, I used to take any and everything apart to figure out how it worked. I couldn't handle school for many reasons and never finished anything past 8th grade even though now my friend base consists mostly of Masters and phd level educated friends. I have held no less than 50 different jobs, was always the class clown, have worked for myself the vast majority of my life and was the kid in school hustling candy out of his backpack between classes.

    I used to go out to bars and clubs often but like all things in my life, after a couple years of [perfecting] that I was done and stopped going all together. I tend to have many unfinished projects around, I know a little about everything and not a lot about any one thing, what else?

    As for friends, in my 20s I always had a couple close friends and knew a ton of people, typical ENTP, really don't care what people think of me and most either love or hate me. When I was in my 20s I didn't have much appreciation for my friend base and was fairly selfish, I saw most of them as being disposable. Now that I'm in my 30s and have gone through a divorce I have come to appreciate them VERY MUCH and I'm fiercely loyal and protective of them which is apparently an 8 thing, having people in my "circle". I'm not really all that trusting of people, maybe because of my underlying and historically repressed emotional and deeply feeling/empathetic side. So in my 20s that manifested as not letting people in and now that's manifesting as being very selective and holding those people very close.

    I have kids, I have never resented having them or having to be a father to them, I take on other peoples problems as if they're my own and in doing so often over-extend myself, I have owned no less than 100 different cars, have no regard for money and while I'm a HUGE risk taker is a very Ne based quick thinking educated risk way of going about it.

    I relate to the 8 profile about 75%, the 7 profile about 85% (95% if I remove what seems like the sensor driven aspects) though in my younger years the 7 profile fit me much better and the 8 profile much worse.

    Anyway, some of you on here know me in person, some via the forums, thoughts, ideas, question?


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    sounds like you've answered your own question. 7w8 or 7w6 would make sense based on this
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