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    Default So I'm trying to write this book character

    Now hear me out! I really need your help here.

    At first I thought her type was pretty obvious (either INTJ or INTP) but now I'm thinking she could possibly be an INFJ or even an ISTP.

    She is a 5w4 (1w9 4w3 if you subscribe to tritype theory) sx/sp
    RcOxI (does anyone care about SLOAN around here?)

    Main points:
    -Perceptive of other people but usually keeps her opinions to herself
    -Sarcastic and quick witted
    -Usually patient, but certain things piss her off
    -Very logical and rational
    -Appreciates literature, as well as science
    -Dedicated, ambitious, punctual
    -A bit aloof
    -Believes in the power of moderation and openmindedness
    -Does not suffer fools easily, but more likely to ignore someone than call them out on anything, unless it's someone she's close to that needs a reality check.

    I've assumed this whole time she is an intuitive, but I wonder if perhaps her insight could come more towards a keen attention to detail than from whatever it is intuitives do.

    Her best friend is an ESFP who she finds ridiculous and over-indulgent, but they get along because they are both loyal and dedicated both to each other and to certain values and perceived truths, and both possess a libertarian (and in the ESFPs case, somewhat libertINE) mindset. And they are both ardent intellectuals, but in different ways. The ESFP mostly likes to argue and match wits for the hell of it, while the character in question likes to observe, add to her internal database of information and discuss rationally.

    Any thoughts? About what she SOUNDS like or what you think she SHOULD be?

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    She sounds like an INTJ.

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