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    Quote Originally Posted by Title View Post
    I sort of get it. My mind works in ways I apparently can't comprehend. That's really cool.

    I asked my INTP friend about it and she said the same thing as you. I don't understand! How can you guys pay that much attention? ...oh god, it must take you forever to read books! I applaud your perseverance. *furious clapping*
    Who said anything about not comprehending? :p im just saying its more common for Ni being misinterpreted and misunderstood than other functions.

    I don't know about your friend, but if I don't do it I miss too much detail and miss out on the wholeness of the experience. I force myself to do so.

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    Ni is about the box and turning it various different ways to see different angles. It is about perceiving and picking up different nuances about the box. This also means that there can be an element of perspective bending, Since it can be so nuanced, it can come off as "beating a dead horse" to outside observers. Another aspect of it is putting information into a relevant context for the Ni user (summarizing, gleaming overall patterns and themes) as opposed to brainstorming.

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