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    Default (Complex) I'm overanalyzing my type, please help typing me!


    I know it's quite pathetic that I can't find my type (though all the psychology tests are stereotypical), but I have a few (lots of...) types I usually get when I finish a test, and I think I'm overanalyzing it.
    These are: intp, entp, entj, intj, enfj, infj, enfp and infp (intp/entp/entj is what i get most of the time, but sometimes I have the other ones. I usually get enfp when I make the 4 questions test). I think, these are just my faces. When I'm in an infx mood, I get that result. When I'm in an enxj mood, I get that.

    A few words about me: I enjoy dynamical and even agressive theoretical conversations, when the participants have to be intellectual. I hate when people say st0pid clichés, or insist on social dogmas, because they didn't think about it before. I hate, when I know what someone will say to me in an argument (I'm kind of disappointed), and when they can't understand my points and don't accept my arguments, because they act too emotional. Though, when I feel I can learn of it, I learn, and admit it. I usually try to be cool-headed, because I know I will get to my point easier. [If I act too harsh (which sometimes I do, even when I was a child) people will be afraid of a possible wound, and will be reserved.] I try to avoid being childish, or emotionally instabil. People think sometimes (who usually can't handle if they arw wrong) that I'm an 4sshole. I find it sad. not because of me, because of them.

    Usually I'm impatient. I hate when I'm doing something, and they grab it out of my hands, because I just WANT that @# item back, I was working on it, I want to do that stuff. I can't handle when someone's making something bad, I want to grab that stuff out ot his hand, and do the right way. I'm often critical, and it's hard for me to make compliments.

    I can easily talk about topics in a group. I like telling my opinion, though in front of a crowd or authorities of a science I'm shy, because I don't want to say stupid things or wrong facts.

    I find it hard to find friends. I can enjoy talking and stuff, but I feel empty, if I don't talk to someone interesting. And when I meet interesting people, I feel awkward, if I can't see they are interested in me, because I don't want them to see me as a maniac, who want to be their friends. I can talk to all the person, and be nice, but it's a boring function of mine.

    I like thinking, and I try and want to help people by showing them their st0pid doctrines. This is my main goal in my life. I want to show that the things they see and believe in, the world around them is not working as they see it. I want to show them my thoughts and help everyone to be an individual thinker. I want to make changes in social life, in psychological studies, economics, and so on.

    I have a few moral questions, I'm unsure about though. For example, what if these 'individual thinkers' may have a really bad effect on society? Are there good and evil, is this just a choice? Can growth be retrogression? Anyway, I have my principles (which is often kind of this 'spiritually good'), but I have hard times, when I'm thinking about these things. Though I think I should make steps, the worst that could happen is that I'm wrong, but I can't float in nothingness, thinking about 'oh, I shouldn't do anything, because there are both bad and good sides of it, if for example there's a 'dark side', my good stuff are bad for them, and vice versa, so I'll just sit in front of the TV, maybe drink something'. No. I have this feeling, to choose the best path I can. Best means helping others.

    I often have difficulty in doing my responsibilities, if I'm not at that mood. Usually I do everything in the last minutes, but when I feel my life's terrible in this way, with procrastinating and so on, I try to make schedules (usually doesn't work). I always make plans, but sometimes I just don't care about them (only if I know the situation is serious, or it's something I feel exciting about, or I really want to achieve something). It's like "well, okay, I know what I'm gonna do, when this and this or this happens, there will be no problem!" and yeah, it often works, but I usually get worse marks because of this. I'm always distressed, but I seem to be calm.

    I like wandering amoing theories, atmospheres. For example lying on a wrench, looking at the sky, feeling the wind on me, and thinking about what if I come from another place, what if I had a life somewhere before, are there ghosts, who are them, why are they there, so on. I often have strange dreams, and I love them. I love the unusual, and weird things. I love paranormal and spiritual things.

    I like interesting happenings, but I want to have safe and stable points in my life, like my family, the family house, my olds friends. I think I'm creative, and a good liar and actor. I think I can read in people, and I know how to act in different situations. I just don't want to act appropriate, if I think the dogmas are stupid and people should change it. Though when it's important, I act in an appropriate way. Sometimes I feel I'm using people and a little bit manipulative.

    That's me. Please, feel free to guess my type. I would be really grateful. And sorry for the grammar mistakes.

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    You seem like an INTP.

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    Agreed. Definitely INTP.

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