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    Default Guess my Dad's type?

    I am wondering about the type of my Dad (or at least the functions you think he uses most). I have a theory but want to see what you have to say about it. Here are features I am totally sure about:

    - When taking initiative, says he does things "because they need to be done and nobody else will do them", but I think he likes getting projects finished more than starting things (he will refer to even small things as "projects" and sometimes I hear this thing in his voice like "ugh" or "something that shouldn't be started but finished, or "it's a project")
    - Highly values neatness and organization (like with our house and rooms looking super clean)
    - Values family and tradition a lot, like holidays (and what they are "supposed" to mean), holiday traditions, trinkets, passed down items, etc
    - Can have strong thoughts about what is right/wrong, comes out most under stress or when challenged about something (one of the most annoying/frustrating things to me IMO is when he says something "isn't normal". I pick up a nasty judgmental tone to it, like subconsciously saying "and I know what normal is"... not sure it's really intentional or means to be personal, but comes across that way to me) and forceful (like "you NEED to do this (period)." I feel like that statement also could motivate him to do things, but it doesn't motivate me)
    - Would rather use known paths and solutions than searching for new avenues - if it works, don't break it. Also a thought pattern I perceive as "If I find something that is "good enough", why should I need to do any more research for alternatives?"
    - Doesn't like tons and tons and tons of information, just what is necessary, otherwise it may be distracting and make finding a solution harder
    - One of his biggest hobbies is astronomy
    - I think he is mainly introverted since he doesn't do a lot of events or socializing
    - Aims for everybody in my house to get along (harmony)
    - Prefers to do things with order, linear, etc
    - Calm under stress and crisis situations
    - Seems logically driven to do things
    - Not a big fan of TV or movies

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    ISTJ. Kinda reminds me of Hank Hill. XD

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    Definitely xSTJ

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